Apostle Pierre Bennett: Taking it to the Next Level

Apostle Pierre Bennett

Apostle Pierre Bennett founded God’s Luv International Ministries Church in 2008. God’s Luv International Ministries meets in Reston, Virginia.

Apostle Pierre Bennett points out that those who have extreme financial rewards are the ones who will come in last in God’s kingdom. Pointing out that “the first shall be last,” Apostle Pierre Bennett acknowledges that sometimes it seems others may be more blessed than we are because they have more material possessions.


Eloi Kummetz Takes on the Housing Shortage in Africa

Eloi Kummetz

Among his many projects in Africa, Brazil, and other countries around the world, Eloi Kummetz brings integrity and compassion to areas that need it most. Through his Kummetz Corporation, Eloi Kummetz is working to address the housing shortage, especially in post-apartheid Africa.

According to Eloi Kummetz, many throughout the world are unaware of the housing conditions in Africa. In some areas, Eloi Kummetz points out, residents are still feeling the aftereffects of apartheid, with entire families struggling to survive in tiny, cramped spaces. Some areas still see residents in encampments and shanties, Eloi Kummetz explains.


Guy Riordan Explains that Florida is a Buyer’s Market

Guy Riordan

Guy Riordan says that the time is right to purchase Florida real estate. An experienced realtor, he knows that land on Marco Island is an excellent investment. To make a profit in real estate, says Riordan, a person needs vision and the ability to ride on the crest of a wave, not merely be at […]


Joe Zanotti Talks About Golfing in Vietnam

Joe Zanotti

A passionate golfer, Joe Zanotti found himself working away from home for large chunks of time. Despite the distance, he knew that he wanted to pursue his golf hobby anyway. At the time however, Zanotti was working in Vietnam. And golf courses were far from abundant. While working at Hyundai, Joe Zanotti was invited by […]


Mario Romano Promotes Safe Play for Colts Neck Pop Warner Youth Football

Mario Romano

Junior high school players have the ability to create concussion-causing collisions, and Mario Romano is proud that coaches in his area take safety precautions seriously. However, Mr. Romano, who helped to bring Pop Warner Football to Colts Neck, New Jersey, knows that parents have concerns about concussions in youths who play football. Even though these […]