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When a company seeks the help of Marketing Associates for creating a business plan, the team at Marketing Associates first works with them to help them outline business goals and a mission statement. While the business does the bulk of the work in determining and naming these things, Marketing Associates has discovered it helps to […]


Marketers LLC Q & A: Direct Mail Marketing

Aflac Assist LLC

Over the years, the team at Marketers LLC has seen many companies take a do-it-yourself approach to direct mailings. While that can save money, Marketers LLC cautions that in doing so, businesses may be doing themselves a great disservice. To emphasize the value of a direct mail marketing service, Marketers LLC answers a few questions […]


The Balancing Act on Lifetime with Tyra Banks

The Balancing Act

The following segment aired on “The Balancing Act” on Lifetime Television. Joining the show was Tyra Banks to discuss her book, “Modelland.”

The Balancing Act: Well, our next guest on “The Balancing Act” is not shy when it comes to sitting in front of a camera. She has captured the world of entertainment as a renowned model, created the hit series “America’s Next Top Model” and even hosts her own show, “The Tyra Show.” You probably know who I’m talking about by now, but we want to let you know that if that wasn’t enough, she has spent the last few years writing a series of books. She is a media icon and has worked to inspire women and give them a greater sense of self-confidence. I am so happy to welcome to “The Balancing Act” this morning the fabulous Miss Tyra Banks! Good morning, Tyra.