Dennis Wong on Breaking the Cycle

YOR Health founder Dennis Wong explains why opportunities with YOR Health allow families to break the cycle of fear over economic uncertainty.

“Where are you in life?” This question, while seemingly innocent, brings most to a deeper awareness of themselves, even if they don’t want to admit it. In today’s economic climate, most people are not where they want to be, says Dennis Wong. It doesn’t have to be so, the nutritional supplements company founder explains.

YOR Health offers people the chance to break free from fear, simply by helping others get healthy. Dennis Wong explains that it takes hard work and a passion for people and the desire to make the world a healthier place. In a down market, as working adults become more aware of the need to maintain vitality throughout demanding work schedules people see the need of YOR health Products.

Weathering a recovering economy

Dennis Wong notes that the job market has not made the same level of recovery as in previous recessions. Developing countries are growing at an alarming rate, ensuring low-wage workers and keeping American jobs on foreign soil. The U.S. isn’t the only country that’s suffering either. Dennis Wong notes that other wealthy countries continue to lose jobs to those workers who only are willing to accept a fraction of reasonable pay.

Another major factor contributing to the diminished job availability is governmental debt. According to Dennis Wong, most countries are so far indebted to others that they have cut funding to civic projects, which traditionally employ a large number of working-age adults. Additionally, these countries must now reduce the amount of credit flowing through their commerce system. This leads to less buying power for the average consumer and thus perpetuates a vicious cycle of stagnant economic infrastructure.

Growth has been found, however, throughout the technology and manufacturing sectors of many countries. Even with the increase in these skilled positions, it may take years to train an appropriate number of employees to have any impact on the current job market.

An innovative solution

YOR Health does not simply sell products. The company bridges the gap between an individual and his or her best potential through a proprietary blend of nutrients. Representatives are free to control their own financial futures by working hard and joining a growing network of like-minded people with YOR Health.


  1. Clint Sons says:

    Even though the economy has started to even out, I still see the effects of civic funding cuts. My city had to close down the community center and it never opened back up. I am grateful to Dennis Wong, YOR Health, and all the opportunities I’ve had thanks to the company. I’ve been able to pay for a membership to our local YMCA so my kids haven’t had to miss out on the pool! – Clint Sons

    • Clint, that’s awful to hear about the civic center but I am glad to hear YOR Health has allowed you to compensate for the loss, at least for your family. – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

  2. Karla Cramer says:

    I lost my job due to one of these funding cuts. In a way it has turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Right after the layoff, my neighbor told me about YOR Health and Dennis Wong. YOR Health has shown me that I can do something good, even if I am not clocked in 9-5. I am not making quite as much as I was at my job, but I am steadily growing my network and have no doubt our financial worries will soon be over. – Karla Cramer

    • Karla – It does take a little time but please don’t give up. I have faith that you will pull through with the support of your YOR Health family. – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

  3. Manish Patel says:

    You are so right about taking a long time to properly train a tech-based work force, Dennis Wong. YOR Health training hasn’t been difficult, so I am glad I switched from computers to nutrition. Aside from the fact that I now get to share something that everyone can actually use, I am no longer stuck behind a desk staring at code for hours on end. – Manish Patel

    • Manish – I did my time in tech, too. And, like you, I am glad that I made a change…not only professionally but personally as well. – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

  4. Joanna DeMacy says:

    I want to remark on the image header for this article. It’s such a profound thought that career and opportunities are paths which often intersect but don’t always lead to the same place. – Joanna DeMacy

    • Joanna – isn’t that the truth! When I graduated college, my career path was in engineering. While trudging along through that, then real estate (which I really liked), I found in YOR Health an opportunity. Not only an opportunity to make money but one that has allowed me to become a better version of me in so many different ways. – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

  5. Carlos Richard says:

    I love the idea of networking but I’d like to know whose idea was it to forgo YOR Health as a shelf-placed product. Dennis Wong, YOR Health was founded by you and your sister. Can you answer that for me? – Carlos Richard

    • When we were just getting started, we had this crazy idea to really test out the products. After noticing great results, we decided that sticking them on a shelf just wouldn’t do them justice. YOR Health is truly unique and that’s not something you can convey without a human network. – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

  6. Janet Swanson says:

    I am so very thankful to Sophia and Dennis Wong, YOR Health founders and people I consider personal mentors. Thank you both for opening this opportunity for everyday folks like myself to transform into business owners, networking gurus, and, more importantly, health-conscious individuals with the power to spread quality nutrition to those we love. – Janet Swanson

    • Thank you for those kind words, Janet. It was so nice meeting you in Vegas and I look forward to our next big gathering. I hope you are able to attend. – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

  7. Jaelen Cripps says:

    Powerful words, my brother. I’ll always believe opportunity is the best path and one taken far too few times. Dennis Wong, YOR Health, and all of the information I have learned since joining have given me a real opportunity. Thank you. – Jaelen Cripps

    • And we thank you. If it wasn’t for the people out there who gave us a shot, we’d still be nothing more than an idea. – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

  8. Kandace Singleton says:

    “Break free from fear…” That’s so hard to do. How do I even begin? – Kandace Singleton

    • Kandace – letting go of fear isn’t easy but, sometimes, it’s the fear of the unknown that keeps us from growing into the life we really want. Let me ask you this: Is it more frightening to walk around a stagnant existence or to take a leap of faith, step ahead, and discover all the world has in store for you? I choose to move forward. – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

  9. Sheryl Lively says:

    YOR Health really has bridged a gap for me…not only between me and my health but between me and my little sister. We lived on opposite sides of the country; me in Atlanta and her in Los Angeles. When I got sick last year, she moved back home to help take care of my girls while I was recovering. She brought her YOR Health nutritional know-how and now I’m hooked. I have more energy than I did pre-cancer and feel like my body and mind are stronger. She’s chosen to stay here and now we are a team. We network together and are both finding great success with YOR Health.
    Sheryl Lively

    • Sheryl – my best wishes for you and your family. Thank you so much for sharing. It’s stories like this that make me want to keep going! – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

  10. Anna Melton says:

    You are always so inspirational. I love reading your articles. You never look at things from a negative perspective. I think that’s why the company is so successful. – Anna Melton

    • Thank you, Anna. I wish I had been more inspirational to myself when I was younger. It does help looking on the proverbial “bright side” of things, however, in all aspects of life. – Dennis Wong, YOR Health

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