C-Suite IT For SMBs Without An Executive Budget

Most small and medium businesses do not have $200,000 or more for a chief information security officer salary. So, what is a company to do if they need temporary or ongoing help with IT compliance? Louisville managed IT services provider ImageQuest weighs in on this problem with an affordable solution. Q: Thank you for joining […]


Do Not Let Dampness In

Dampness is not a big deal when you are talking about towels hanging in the bathroom. But when humidity and damp conditions are a constant, it can become a huge problem – and cause serious damage – to your home. We recently sat down with experts from the mold remediation company Rytech Nashville to find […]


Bradley Thomas Giordano Offers Travel Tips for New Orleans Visitors

Bradley Thomas Giordano

It’s a place of mystery, a place of intrigue, and one of the most eclectic cities in America. Here, travel enthusiast Bradley Thomas Giordano answers questions about New Orleans and offers advice for first-time Crescent City visitors. Q: Where do you like to stay in New Orleans? Bradley Thomas Giordano: Without a doubt, the Maison […]


Stop Band-Aid Funding | Stephen Samuelian on Why Not All Charitable Giving is Helpful

Stephen Samuelian

Stephen Samuelian is a serial entrepreneur who has been recognized for his generous philanthropic funding campaigns. He says his giving habits were swayed many years ago after a life-changing event. Interviews and News: Good morning and thank you for your time today. Stephen Samuelian: It’s my pleasure! Interviews and News: We understand that you have […]