Lindsay Rosenwald Discusses Advancements in Ovarian Cancer Treatment

Lindsay Rosenwald

As an accomplished veteran of the biotechnology and life science fields, Lindsay Rosenwald has led the development of several biotechnology companies. Lindsay Rosenwald takes a particular interest in medical treatments related to ovarian cancer. Below, Lindsay Rosenwald describes the most recent advancements and previews how medical professionals will address this disease in the future. Interviews […]


Dan Sciscente Says his Love of Music Remains Despite Busy Career in IT

Dan Sciscente

In today’s interview, we will speak with Dan Sciscente, a Montreal based Information Technology entrepreneur and Project Manager, who encourages young IT professionals to focus on their passions as well as their careers.

Interviews and News: Good morning and thank you for taking the time to chat with us today.

Dan Sciscente: I appreciate the opportunity. It’s not every day an IT guy gets a chance to talk about music.