Feed Your Mind – And the Rest Will Follow


We are all crazy busy, and often need that extra boost to get through the day.  At the end of the day, sometimes, you may even need a little something to help relax – in order to call it a night.  Well, get ready to re-connect and achieve mental, physical and emotional balance.  O2 Media […]


The Balancing Act Lifetime Discusses How to Protect Civil Rights with Travis Hollifield


What do you do if your co-worker harasses you, while on the job?  It’s a tough question; right? Here’s another question: What do you do if your male co-worker is making more money than you, and he’s doing the same job?  Doesn’t sound fair; agreed?  So, there are a lot of things that we need […]


BrandStar Entertainment | The Color of Your Fruits and Vegetables Matter

BrandStar Entertainment

We all can remember our parents telling us to eat our greens and refusing because they never were appealing. Now it isn’t just greens; but red fruits and vegetables that can benefit your health, says BrandStar Entertainment. According to BrandStar Entertainment ®, the importance of color and the produce that we eat is more than […]


What Makes Direct Media Power Different?

DMP logo SQ-yellowBG

Chicago, Illinois-based Direct Media Power has placed $50 million in ads over the past five years. The company focuses on targeted results in a very specialized arena. Because of this, Direct Media Power has been able to amass a widespread contact base within the radio industry that helps set it apart from competitors. Today, Dean […]


O2 Media™ Congratulates The Balancing Act® Team for Client Reviews

O2 Media™ is the nation’s premiere provider of branded entertainment geared toward women. Through their Lifetime Television morning talk show, The Balancing Act®, O2 Media™ showcases client products in real life situations and offers expert advice in their use. This creates brand awareness from a trusted source and also allows the viewer/consumer to connect to […]