Feed Your Mind – And the Rest Will Follow

We are all crazy busy, and often need that extra boost to get through the day.  At the end of the day, sometimes, you may even need a little something to help relax – in order to call it a night.  Well, get ready to re-connect and achieve mental, physical and emotional balance.  O2 Media ™ has it all right here in one place for you this morning!  Meet someone who knows all about the importance of having balance in our lives and how to get there – Aubrey Marcus is CEO of the natural herbal supplements company, Onnit™ Labs.

O2 Media: Hey, Aubrey.  Welcome!

Aubrey Marcus: Thank you, O2 Media.  It’s a pleasure to be here.

O2 Media: Some people just kind of seem to be on the top of their game constantly. I want to be one of those people.  I want focus, mental-clarity, and increased energy.  We know that mood and energy levels have a lot to do with our brain – which of course leads us to “neurotransmitters”.  What are neurotransmitters?

Aubrey Marcus: Put very simply, neurotransmitters are the brain chemicals that help facilitate the communication between the brain and the body and within the brain itself.  A lot of people think of the brain and the mind as kind of identical; but really the brain is an organ of itself and that organ needs nutrients to feed it.

O2 Media: A great point.

Aubrey Marcus: The brain needs the maintenance of proper health, just to function optimally and to get those kinds of feelings that you’re really looking for.  The challenge is that very common things like poor sleep, inadequate nutrition, a little too much stress, or maybe a big night out with your friends.  These can all lead to temporary imbalances in your neurotransmitter levels.

O2 Media: So, how do we get that balance back?  How do we get our groove back, Aubrey?

Aubrey Marcus: You know, really what brought me to the business was trying to focus on the nutrition angle of that.  And how you can feed your brain with the proper nutrients that we may not get from our diet, that will allow us to have that optimal brain state that makes us feel fired up, give us energy, make us relax when we’re done and give us the motivation to really optimize what we can get out of life.

O2 Media: I know that a lot of people want to do that through herbal supplements.  Stores are filled with them, these days.  What should we look for in a natural supplement?

Aubrey Marcus: You know, that’s really the challenge that all of us face.  You go out, you look for a supplement, and you end up with twelve different choices.  It’s not only difficult to take all those supplements; you don’t know which one is the right one to take.

O2 Media: Exactly.

Aubrey Marcus: So, what I did was I put them all together.  I found the best ones, the well-researched supplements, put them together in a balanced combination so that you could take one pill of nutritional supplements that will allow you to really optimize your brain chemistry all in one.  For example, there are a lot of people who turn to caffeine, when looking for a little extra motivation to exercise.  No matter how many hours of energy you put on the bottle, at the end of the day, it’s pushing a lot of adrenaline into your system and you’re going to crash.  So, I went out and I found a supplement really popular with Olympic athletes called “cordyceps sinensis” – which is a medicinal mushroom.

O2 Media: I have to tell you, I have heard a lot about the healing power of medicinal mushrooms.  What can you tell us about that?  Be more specific for people out there who may not know.

Aubrey Marcus: There are a variety of different classes of medicinal mushrooms that are really getting popular and hot in kind of the fields of medical research.  Some actually help stimulate the immune system directly, by helping the immune system produce more killer cells to fight off the invading bacteria, viruses, anything that’s making you feel down.  And then there’s also the cordyceps sinensis, like I mentioned before; and that’s actually been shown to improve your oxygen utilization.

O2 Media: Which means?

Aubrey Marcus: Which means that every breath you take, you’re getting more oxygen into your muscles.  So, it’s a really powerful natural supplement; and a way to get energy without having to rely too much on caffeine.

O2 Media: I love that, to get us pumped up.  What if we want to calm down?

Aubrey Marcus: Our lives are increasingly hectic; so it’s really important to find that kind of relax balance as well and they found that serotonin is actually the key neurotransmitter that is responsible for both mood and that kind of peaceful, happy balance.

O2 Media: Interesting.

Aubrey Marcus: There are really two ways to approach increasing neurotransmitter levels of serotonin: the first way is the pharmaceutical approach, which certainly is very powerful – but a lot of people experience some side effects that are unwanted from that.  The other way is the natural approach.  And so what I did was I combined the 5-HDP – which is a very powerful serotonin booster – with a bunch of herbs to really relax you.  You can take it at night before bed, get a great sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to attack the next day.

O2 Media: I love it.

Aubrey Marcus: Thank you.

O2 Media: It’s great to meet you and thanks so much for stopping by.

Aubrey Marcus: Yeah, it’s a real pleasure.  Thanks for having me.

O2 Media: And to find out more about Onnit™ Labs, their herbal supplements and to help with your own journey towards mental, physical and emotional balance – simply visit their website.  It’s and I am on it!

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