St. Louis Artist Bert VanderMark Visits Mercy Ministries

Mercy Ministries

Mercy Ministries

Bert VanderMark: Wherever the oil pastel is your paint will not stick.  Now you can have a lot of fun with that because you could draw all kinds of patterns with oil pastels.

Sarah: Hi I’m Sarah and I’m painting the silhouette of a mother’s belly.  And I’m going to put a heart in each the belly and the mother’s heart and just kind of how Christ has made a way for me and my child to have the heart of Christ.

Ashley: I’m doing three crosses with hope, love, and faith.  And then I’m writing out verses like “I am beautiful” “I am wonderful” and “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Beth: Hi my name is Beth and today Bert VanderMark came and worked with us on our art.  And it meant  a lot to me today because I was able to really just put into a painting what the Lord has been doing in my life and how He’s been pouring His spirit out upon my life.  So my painting represents Jeremiah 1 where the Lord put His Words in my mouth and anointed me to do His good work.  Thank you Bert.

Mercy Ministries Resident: Bert came with a bunch of really awesome art supplies and a really great message just about getting tough and stuff with life.  And it was a really awesome experience because we have art night at Mercy Ministries, but we usually use like paper and stuff like that and they are nice supplies.  But he brings canvases with him and it’s really awesome to be able to get whatever God has been showing you out of your mind and on paper.  And personally, for me, it was just a huge reminder of everything that God has done already and everything that He has told me and shown me that He will do with me.  Bert is just a huge blessing.  And I never really did art before and when I got to Mercy Ministries, we do it a lot so it’s been an awesome learning experience of my capabilities and just other things that I can use to get my thoughts and stuff out of my head in a healthy way.

Mercy Ministries Resident: It was really awesome because it really stretched me because I am terrified of painting.  I like to do things in pencil because then I can go back and erase and do lines sharper.  And he came in and asked us to do something along the lines of just our healing and the journey the Lord is taking us through.  Not anything in our past.  Not anything that would pretty much give glory to Satan but everything that God is doing in the vision that we have for the future. And the Lord had given me an awesome vision that morning and just really impressed on my heart, even as I was painting it out, what to paint.  And it was just awesome because then Bert was also able to come alongside me and kinda give me some ideas of how to make things pop and just really expand my skills.  And it was just such a blessing to see not only what the Lord funneled through me but what He funneled through the other Mercy Ministries girls as well.  So it was a huge blessing to have him here.

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