Rick Siskey Explains How Small Businesses are the Bedrock of Growth

Richard Siskey

Richard Siskey

It’s easy to overlook the fact that small companies are the foundation of American business. In fact, just one generation ago, mom-and-pop businesses were the only choice in many communities. And Rick Siskey believes in bolstering small business is the foundation of the country’s future.

While a small company can often become swallowed up in a larger one eventually, Rick Siskey believes the entrepreneurial spirit will help our country thrive. According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), small businesses employ 44 percent of private sector workers in America. With numbers like these, Siskey believes that it’s an undeniable fact that small businesses represent an important presence in the workforce.

Rick Siskey doesn’t just coach small businesses in how to succeed – he helps them understand what the requirements are to acquire funding. He also teaches clients how to pitch an idea successfully, and helps them use time-honored sales techniques to sell their concept. Mr. Siskey wholeheartedly believes that small businesses are a valuable part of the economy.

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