A Q&A With Everest Gymnastics: Safety Gear

From looping in and over the uneven bars to defying gravity on the spring floor, gymnastics is a sport that requires plenty of safety precautions. According to coaches from Everest Gymnastics, failure to maintain proper procedures in the gym may result in injuries that can stop an athlete in their tracks. We recently sat down […]


Gary McClure Discusses APSU’s Reputation on the Diamond


When Gary McClure retired as head coach in 2015, the APSU Governors baseball team lost a living legend. In the following interview, Gary McClure discusses APSU’s history of successes and how the team’s reputation has served as the foundation of its achievements. Interviews and News: Good afternoon, we’re interested in talking about your career today. […]


Rising Stars Founder Paul Savramis on Play as the Basis for Building an Educational Foundation for Children


Q: At Rising Stars, what is the overall mission? Paul Savramis: The development of a strong education and correct values in children is especially critical during their formative years, so the team at Rising Stars ensures that they are learning the necessary life skills. These life skills are incorporated in our drills and are a […]


O2 Media’s Designing Spaces on Lifetime with Bob Belvano

Designing Spaces

The following segment aired on Lifetime Television. Joining the show was Bob Belvano, radio sports talk show host and sports analyst.

Host, David Jones: Hey everybody, welcome to the tailgate party. We appreciate you stopping by. You know, nothing says tailgating like the All American classic the hot dog, and to help us out on the grill today, he’s much more than just a grill master. He’s a local and National radio sports talk show host. He’s also a sports analyst and today he’s grilling up a mean hot dog. Bob Belvano, how are you doing, Bob?