Premier American Vacation Destinations for Families

10.10.13 - family vacations

Everyone needs a break from the daily routine, but now how does a family decide on what kind of vacation will make everyone happy? Relaxing at the pool or beach? Discovering theme parks? Hiking in the mountains, or something else? That decision is often the hardest. No two people will probably agree on what the […]


Bucket List Tips: Visiting Some of the Most Unique Hotels in the World

Anyone can stay at the Holiday Inn on vacation. You’re pretty much guaranteed a comfortable place to sleep and a complimentary breakfast before checkout. But if you’re looking for a vacation experience you’ll truly remember for the rest of your life, here are five must-stay vacation destinations well worth checking out: Dog Bark Park Inn, […]


Interviews & News: The Most Important Items to Bring When Traveling with Children

Whether it’s packing for a trip to see grandma the next state over, or packing for a two-week trip to the Caribbean, there are some things that are crucial for parents to bring while traveling. Interviews and News has some suggestions to keep children safe, occupied and happy while on the road or in an airplane.


England’s Most Fascinating (and Haunted) Castles

For travelers who are planning to visit to England, here are several historical castles that may be of interest. Although, notes the staff of Interviews & News, the superstitious may not want to visit the Tower of London on All Hallow’s Eve.

With a 900-year history, England’s castles are famous for their amazing cultural – and often dramatic – pasts. They dot the countryside of green rolling hills and pastures and often give travelers a glimpse into a long-ago lifestyle. The English are proud of their castles, because they are such a part of the country’s unique heritage. They range from small castles that have been transformed into hotels or guesthouses to sprawling remains that have been partially swept out to sea as well as castles that are still functioning.


Pierre Bennett Global Holidays: Top Five Honeymoon Destinations

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays

According to Pierre Bennett Global Holidays, once a couple has said their vows, enjoyed the reception and tried to remember the names of distant relatives, they deserve a relaxing honeymoon. And the team at Pierre Bennett Global Holidays has a few suggestions for some of the most romantic places on earth. From island getaways to bustling cities, Pierre Bennett Global Holidays believes that this list will help guide even the most discerning couple.