Richard Siskey Named 2008 Father of the Year

Richard Siskey

Richard Siskey

Richard Siskey has been recognized many times for his work in building and funding businesses. Several years ago he was chosen as a Father of the Year in Charlotte, NC. And being selected for the honor was humbling and “extremely moving,” Mr. Siskey relates.

Richard Siskey was one of five businessmen who were chosen for the distinguished award at the Annual National Father of the Year Awards. The event was a fundraiser that benefited the American Diabetes Association. For Richard Siskey, the award was a “double blessing.” The American Diabetes Association (ADA) is committed to finding a cure for that sometimes-crippling disease. Diabetes can lead to joint and bone problems, blindness, kidney problems, a stroke or a heart attack and, in some cases, even to amputation. According to Richard Siskey, the local Charlotte ADA services 165, 000 people in the greater Charlotte area. The ADA was founded in 1940.

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