Interviews & News: The Most Important Items to Bring When Traveling with Children

Whether it’s packing for a trip to see grandma the next state over, or packing for a two-week trip to the Caribbean, there are some things that are crucial for parents to bring while traveling. Interviews and News has some suggestions to keep children safe, occupied and happy while on the road or in an airplane.

Coolers are so bulky, is there a better way to keep food cold while driving a long distance?

Interviews & News: We’ve found that one of the best ways to travel with food is with an insulated backpack. It works as a piece of carry-on luggage when flying and it’s also easier to store in a car.

What food is the best to travel with?

Interviews & News: We suggest many of the standard food fare like carrot sticks and nuts. But, parents should also consider pretzels, fresh and dried fruit, and apple butter and crackers.

What essentials would you recommend for airline travel?

Interviews & News: We would definitely suggest on packing sleep masks and ear plugs. They help children sleep on both airplanes and trains. Also, don’t forget to bring gum, for older children as well as adults; chewing helps to keep everyone’s ears clear during changes in cabin pressure.

What items would you suggest for a traveling first aid kit?

Interviews & News: Acetaminophen, antibiotic creams, bandages, hydro-cortisone, and allergy medication are all good basics to travel with.

Is there anything else that you believe is essential for traveling?

Interviews & News: Although some people can be a little too obsessive when it comes to sanitizer, we believe that it’s a good thing to keep on hand when traveling. Sometimes it’s not always the simplest task to find a sink and soap. When children are hungry, it’s better to use a sanitizer to clean their hands than with nothing at all.

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