University of Georgia

Kyle Thomas Glasser

Kyle Thomas Glasser

University of Georgia is among the oldest and high-esteemed public universities in U.S. it is known for offering a higher education level to students in main areas of study. The University offers exceptional instructional courses and not forgetting its highly equipped Laboratories. Many students have benefitted from high quality education, improving the standards of life within the State of Georgia and above all widespread knowledge and improved research. It is for this reason that many can claim to have gotten the best out of this University and their lives are changed for the better.

The best part about University of Georgia is their re-known program HOPE Scholarship that has enabled many to get quality education. Generally, the University’s fee is relatively low and one of the most affordable public universities in the country. University of Georgia is located in Athens the Clarke County which is around 70 miles northeast of Atlanta city. The University has employed numerous employees who benefit from working in a safe environment. This is a large community university that has seen many leave and many confess of how the university has strengthened their lives. One of these people is Kyle Thomas Glasser a former student who feels that his dreams are being fulfilled because of his involved with the University.

Kyle is a senior at the University of Georgia and he says that he choose this university since childhood since he lives here. He adds that it is ranked among the best public universities and his dream was to join and pursue his career. The school is also known for the Best Value for public region of schools and anyone would want to be associated with it. Kyle also says that the school had the best athletics games like baseball, football, Coach Fox and not forgetting the NCAA. These were competitive games and they molded students to grow with talent and self-confidence.

Kyle Thomas Glasser also talks about the UGA bulldogs and claims that they have very competitive games. These are activities that have shaped the school for years and kind of a history that cannot be broken. It is amazing how far Kyle has come and now he is pursuing his dreams in medicine. He believes that his mission on earth is to serve and this he does very well. He has gone on various tours around the world helping people in the medical sector and this is a great achievement. In this way, we can say the University of Georgia is a good environment to model youngsters into mature, responsible people.

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