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FXDD believes that success in Forex trading, as in any financial market, requires discipline, practice, and above all, a strong understanding of the fundamental and technical factors influencing markets. Successful currency trading, according to FXDD, is rooted in laying the proper foundation and using the appropriate tools to execute your trading vision. FXDD understands that there is a lot to learn and practice before using your own capital. FXDD’s mission is to thoroughly educate traders in both the fundamental and technical Forex skills that successful traders use to better anticipate and trade Forex trends.

To help traders navigate the Forex market, FXDD offers free educational tools, including daily market commentary and analysis, live educational courses, free webinars, and free demo accounts available on multiple platforms. FXDD also sponsors the news and analysis site,, which provides traders with real-time commentary, analysis and trader discussions from around the globe.

FXDD explains that producing solid returns while limiting downside risk in the Forex market takes a disciplined and strategic approach to trading. In order to develop a compelling trading strategy, it is essential for traders to consistently monitor global financial markets and analyze key economic trends and developments. FXDD believes that traders should also have a solid understanding of capital markets and financial principles, such as supply and demand economics, monetary policy, interest rates, and international trade.

In addition to fundamental analysis, FXDD notes that traders must also perfect the art of technical analysis in order to successfully execute a trading strategy. Technical analysis offers traders the ability to define levels of support and resistance, as well as set risk parameters, analyze trends, and set entry and exit levels. When trading, FXDD notes that it is important for traders to develop short, medium and long-term strategies and goals when trading Forex. It is also essential, FXDD believes, for traders to define risk parameters and fully analyze the risk/reward scenario when executing a trade. FXDD notes that in order to succeed in the Forex market, traders must anticipate, enter and stay with trends.

FXDD believes that the best way for traders to develop their skills is by practicing tactics gleaned from experts that have been trading the Forex market for years. In order to help traders develop these skills, FXDD offers both online and in-person opportunities for traders to interact with experts at FXDD. Traders can learn online from FXDD experts by signing up for free webinars that cover techniques and strategies for identifying opportunities and executing strategies. Hosted by FXDD’s Chief Market Analyst, Greg Michalowski and FXDD Director of Technical Research and Education, James Chen, these webinars help traders understand and analyze market trends and technical Forex trading.

FXDD’s Michalowski has more than 25 years of experience and has been with FXDD since the firm was founded in 2001. Greg is an author and contributor to FXDD’s blog and Financial media, including The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Bloomberg, and frequently cite his commentary and analysis. Greg’s book, Attacking Currency Trends, was recently published by John Wiley & Sons and was cited by SmartMoney as a “go to” source for making money moves.

FXDD’s James Chen, is an accomplished trader, educator and author. James is a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) and Chartered Market Technician (CMT), and has published several educational Forex trading books, including Essentials of Foreign Exchange Trading (John Wiley & Sons, 2009) and Essentials of Technical Analysis for Financial Markets (John Wiley & Sons, 2010). James is also a frequent contributor to SFO Magazine and financial outlets, such as Reuters, Dow Jones and Forbes, often cite his market analysis.

In order to give traders an in-person learning experience with Greg and James, FXDD offers free in-person “Masters Live” seminars around the United States for FXDD clients. Masters Live is a comprehensive two-day Forex trading course where traders from around the country receive face-to-face coaching and Forex education from FXDD’s Greg Michalowski and James Chen. FXDD clients also get the chance to interact with other like-minded traders and receive access to online follow-up lessons to practice the skills learned at the event. The tactics and materials taught at FXDD’s Maters Live events are useful for traders at all experience levels, in addition to those who may have familiarity with trading equities or other asset classes, but are interested in learning more about Forex trading. These in-person courses are offered free of charge to current FXDD clients as well as new clients that fill out a trading application prior to the workshop.

FXDD is committed to providing free education and the latest technology that enables traders to succeed in the Forex market.

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