Morgan Exteriors: The Truth about Your Roof

Morgan ExteriorsYour roof is much more than simply shingles, say the home improvement experts from Morgan Exteriors. In today’s interview, we talk with a spokesperson from Morgan Exteriors about two of the lesser known parts of a home’s exterior: the fascia and soffit.

Interviews & News: Hello, and thank you for taking the time to talk with us today. We are hoping to get the scoop on a few exterior home features, starting with the eaves and overhangs.

Morgan Exteriors: Those are two things people don’t think about quite as often as they should.

Interviews & News: Yes, they often go neglected, in our personal experience…

Morgan Exteriors: That’s true, but only because many homeowners don’t fully understand the purpose of all that extra wood, vinyl, or aluminum on their house.

Interviews & News: What, exactly, is the purpose of the space between the roof and the house?

Morgan Exteriors: That strip, which is usually around 12” deep, is called the soffit. Along with the fascia – the ‘cap’ of wood facing the outside of your home, it keeps water and pests from invading the inside of your house.

Interviews & News: So it really does have a practical purpose?

Morgan Exteriors: Yes. The soffit also acts as a disguise for your attic ventilation, which is vital to the integrity and comfort of your home.

Interviews & News: You mention that the soffit and fascia can be made of different materials. Is there an industry standard?

Morgan Exteriors: Traditionally, these were fashioned out of wood. However, in recent years, vinyl has gained popularity.

Interviews & News: Why is that?

Morgan Exteriors: Vinyl offers a number of benefits you cannot get from wood. It doesn’t require the kind of upkeep that wood does, and it’s also more durable.

Interviews & News: And vinyl doesn’t rot!

Morgan Exteriors: Vinyl also resists cracking, chipping, and fading.

Interviews & News: How does vinyl compare to wood for curb appeal?

Morgan Exteriors: Vinyl beats wood, hands down, in our opinion. Vinyl soffit is easier to clean, so it looks better all year. Plus, it can be styled to match the home, whether you want a wood grain or a smooth surface.

Interviews & News: Is it an expensive remodeling project?

Morgan Exteriors: It can be pricey, that’s why we recommend vinyl – ours comes with a lifetime warranty. You don’t want to have to pay for it every few years!

Interviews & News: What are some ways to ensure the fascia and soffit on a home remain in good condition?

Morgan Exteriors: Of course, we recommend having it professionally installed. If it isn’t done right, water and animals can get into the area under the roof and cause thousands of dollars in damage.

Interviews & News: Anything else?

Morgan Exteriors: Clean the gutters when they get full to prevent water from backing up, and check for any damage at least once a year. Don’t forget to look at the flashing around the fireplace and seams, too.

Interviews & News: That’s sound advice. Before we close, how can our readers contact Morgan Exteriors?

Morgan Exteriors: Check out our website, There you will find more information on our services, including windows, doors, and siding. We can also be reached by phone at 813.931.4663.