Pierre Bennett Global Holidays: Top Five Honeymoon Destinations

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays

Pierre Bennett Global Holidays

According to Pierre Bennett Global Holidays, once a couple has said their vows, enjoyed the reception and tried to remember the names of distant relatives, they deserve a relaxing honeymoon. And the team at Pierre Bennett Global Holidays has a few suggestions for some of the most romantic places on earth. From island getaways to bustling cities, Pierre Bennett Global Holidays believes that this list will help guide even the most discerning couple.

If newlyweds are searching for an island paradise, a popular choice for the clients of Pierre Bennett Global Holidays is the Maldives. These islands offer seclusion, romance and tropical beauty that can only be imagined.  The Maldives consist of over 1,000 coral islands and they provide never-ending beauty at every turn. Pierre Bennett Global Holidays suggests that if newlyweds would like to experience the islands at their most pristine, they should rent a boat to sail the azure waters or snorkel in the stunning Indian Ocean.

Second, Pierre Bennett Global Holidays often suggests New York City as a lovely destination for a honeymoon. What could be more romantic than kissing on top of the Empire State Building? How about ordering a slice of pizza and wandering through Central Park? Pierre Bennett Global Holidays offers the lowest travel prices at the time of booking, so visiting The Big Apple is as affordable as it is exciting. New York City offers visitors nightlife, gastronomic adventure, and top-tier entertainment. And because it’s the city that never sleeps, visitors don’t feel rushed. What could be more relaxing than that?

If a couple doesn’t find a warm water destination appealing, there’s always the Atlantic. According to Pierre Bennett Global Holidays, one of the most romantic places in the northeast United States is York, Maine. From the white beaches of Long Sands to the picturesque buildings in downtown, the entire area is incredibly idyllic. Pierre Bennett Global Holidays reports that York is a foodie haven with fresh seafood and New England produce. York is also magnificent in the fall, with the bracing ocean air and colorful foliage all along the coast.

A favorite honeymoon destination for the staff of Pierre Bennett Global Holidays is Florence, Italy. This little city literally has been one of the biggest influences on art in the entire world. Who hasn’t heard of Michelangelo? However, its charm doesn’t only lie in its past. Florence has beautiful sunsets, amazing Italian restaurants and classic shops all along the downtown. Pierre Bennett Global Holidays recommends that members use their travel discounts to stay just outside of Florence proper, so they can wake to the charm of the Tuscan hills.

The Napa Valley in California is another magical destination that Pierre Bennett Global Holidays often recommends to newlyweds. With its lush fields of grapes and never-ending wine tours, this valley gem is the perfect spot for a new couple to wander and explore. Pierre Bennett Global Holidays notes, however, that there’s more to the Napa Valley than just wine. The area also boasts world-class spas and restaurants.

Because Pierre Bennett Global Holidays members have access to both live operators during business hours and online booking 24/7, newlyweds can plan their dream honeymoon anytime, day or night. For those who have ever wished they could soak up the sun in the Maldives, visit Florence in the spring, spend a week in New York City, or tour the fall foliage of New England, Pierre Bennett Global Holidays can make it happen – without the hassles usually associated with planning luxury travel. In addition to resorts and hotels, Pierre Bennett Global Holidays offers cruises and adventure travel as well.

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