Dennis Wong, YOR Health Co-Founder, “Commit to Get Fit and Save in 2015.”

Dennis Wong YOR HealthA new exciting program is available for customers and promoters, says Dennis Wong. YOR Health recently announced its new and improved loyalty program, YOR Rewards. Here, Wong answers questions about the program.

Q: What is YOR Rewards?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: This is our latest rewards program and features our most generous incentive levels ever.

Q: What are these levels?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Premier, Premier+, Elite, and Elite+. Starting at a consecutive autoship of just $25, customers enjoy discounts of 5% to 20%, up to 3x points multiplier, exclusive gifts, and special offers. Elite and Elite+ members get even more benefits.

Q: More?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Yes, at the Elite level, customers get access to dedicated customer service. Elite+ receives priority purchasing as well.

Q: How difficult is it to get to these levels.

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Since the reward accumulation totals are for consecutive orders, there’s no need to over-order to reach a new level. Progress is tracked over time. And with Elite level starting at just $500, most members qualify after just a few months of living a health-centric lifestyle.

Q: Who is eligible for YOR Rewards?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Everyone is eligible for YOR Rewards, just set up an autoship of at least $25 to get started!

Q: What types of free gifts may be available to members?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: It changes, but it’s always some kind of YOR Health swag. Limited edition apparel and shaker cups are examples of previous YOR Rewards-exclusive gifts.

Q: When can a member expect to receive a gift?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: We like to keep that a surprise. We do, however, offer special deals to each member on their birthday.

Q: What exactly is priority purchasing?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: This is a very cool benefit that gives our Elite+ members the chance to purchase new products before anyone else. We also send out our best promotions ahead of schedule for these members.

Q: Aside from these great discounts, what other special programs are available?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Our customers and promoters have access to all of YOR Health’s innovative health products. They can also enter into our YOR Best Body 8-Week Challenge.