It’s Really Possible! How to Workout Without Going To The Gym

It’s difficult for many people to get to the gym, especially with the pressures of family, work and other day-to-day responsibilities. But as the media reports more and more information from health professionals about the importance of exercise for overall health and wellbeing, it begs the question: “How can a person exercise when they can’t get to the gym?” The staff at Interviewing Experts has some ideas about that time management problem, and they are here to answer questions and to suggest how simply moving can help burn calories and maintain good health.

Q: What’s the simplest way to incorporate exercise into a daily routine?

Interviewing Experts: As insignificant as it sounds, even a leisurely stroll after dinner can burn as many as 120 calories. Walking, especially with children, is an enjoyable way to get moving.

Q: Some experts say that a person can exercise without sweating, is that true?

Interviewing Experts: Absolutely. Some of the most mundane tasks in a person’s life can actually correlate into a fat burning exercise.

Q: What are some examples of small tasks that are good calorie-burning exercises?

Interviewing Experts: Well, one hour of gardening burns 230 calories. Also, one hour of vigorous housecleaning will burn 130 calories – the equivalent of a chicken burger.

Q: What other tips would you suggest?

Interviewing Experts: Small things really add up. Instead of parking close to a store, park in the back of the parking lot. Instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs. Instead of sitting on the couch while watching television, sit on the floor and stretch. Even turning on the radio and dancing in the living room for a half an hour will burn 130 calories.

The important thing is, just keep moving – that’s what will help shed unwanted pounds without going to the gym.

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