Nancy Alcorn: How to Sow and Reap a Harvest in Your Life

Nancy Alcorn

Nancy Alcorn

Nancy Alcorn, the founder of Mercy Ministries, believes that there is nothing more joyous than to give to others and make a difference in their life. Ms. Alcorn grew up in a rural area, and there wasn’t a year that went by that her father didn’t plant seeds so that the cattle could eat.  That’s what Nancy Alcorn says we do for God: sowing a seed and receiving a harvest with our faith.

In the beginning God told her to give a percentage of everything that comes in for Mercy Ministries to other ministries. It’s very important for Nancy Alcorn to give to others whose teachings have helped area residents. Alcorn believes that God wants you to multiply your crop so that you have more to give. It is important to understand how to bring your own harvest to your life. That way God can use you to be a source of giving and blessing to the ones around you.

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