Medical Student Shadowing a Surgeon

Kyle Thomas Glasser

Kyle Thomas Glasser

Kyle Thomas Glasser who is twenty one is studying medicine with dreams of serving the community. Kyle knows the value of being a doctor and offering his services after travelling to Central America to give support to the poor. Today, Kyle is in Atlanta Shadowing Dr. Jeff Traub in his work as a surgeon.

Kyle finds time to talk about his work in Atlanta where he shadows an orthopedic surgeon in a bid to succeed in his medical career. Once he is at work, Kyle puts on the scrubs and proceeds to surgery with Doctor Jeff. He has observed mainly knee replacements while other operations he has been involved include tendon repairs, carpal tunnel surgery, and hip replacements among others. Kyle works together with a Medical Assistant who is responsible for doing the incision. There are other nurses who are involved in every surgery and there is a moment of checking that everything is coordinated among all of them.

Kyle says that knee replacement is done with a number of instruments. The doctor begins by creating a space or opening where the artificial knee will be attached. Once the surgery has been completed, Kyle says that the doctor explains to them what he has been done before they all leave. The operating room is then cleared and preparations are made to see the next patient.

Kyle also say that he spends the day taking rounds with the surgeon on operations and also seeing patients who are recovering from surgery. Kyle also says that they go to the doctor’s office after all rounds are done so that they check as he does injections, placing casts, removes staples on arms an d legs among other things.

Kyle says that they also make follow up visits and also make sure that they check the full treatment procedure. Follow up is important and checking to see all the staples are removed well. The patients’ information is forwarded to the X-ray technician by Kyle while the trainees also help in cleaning and bringing the patients to the room. Kyle believes that by taking medicine he is helping serve the community and that is his dedication.

Kyle says feels content that he has taken a career that fulfills his dreams. He has been a volunteer at community projects for many years and he has the passion.

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