Richard E. Dover: Building Restoration Creates Jobs and Economic Growth

Job creation has followed every major project by Richard E. Dover and Family Pride Corporation. The company has created hundreds of permanent, dignified, safe jobs for two decades. In a recent interview, Richard E. Dover talked about the huge impact building restoration has on the local economy.

Interviews and News: A public debate continues about how to create much-needed jobs, but you have proven over and over that building restoration creates employment and economic growth.

Richard E. Dover: Yes, restoration creates jobs and helps the economy right now when we need it, especially in rural communities that have suffered from high unemployment rates.

Interviews and News: Why is restoration so great for the local job market?

Richard E. Dover: Restoration jobs can’t be outsourced to far-off places. These jobs remain in our communities, therefore supporting our local economy.

Interviews and News: What types of jobs are created through restoration?

Richard E. Dover: Building restorations create jobs for construction workers, equipment operators, landscapers and technical experts. The projects also tap into local vendors, such as nurseries, hardware and furniture stores.

Interviews and News: Doesn’t new construction create just as many jobs as restoration?

Richard E. Dover: Restoring existing buildings produces about 50 percent more jobs than new construction. Approximately 41 percent of the cost of residential renovation goes to labor, but only 28 percent for new construction.

Interviews and News: These are impressive numbers.

Richard E. Dover: Exactly. In fact, building restoration jobs pay off double, first in creating solid, local jobs, and then through increased tourism and higher home values.

Richard E. Dover believes the main consideration should be putting money earned doing neighborhood projects back into the local economy. He is a longtime resident of Tennessee.

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