Interviews & News Discusses Simple Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress

With the clock ticking towards December 25th, and long lists of things left to do before even thinking about relaxing, it’s important to figure out how to eliminate stress and frustration before it affects the entire season. With that in mind, Interviews & News has some simple ideas to make the season more manageable.

First of all, it’s important to prioritize. Don’t say “yes” to events that aren’t necessary. This isn’t the time to accept every invitation, especially if you are primarily motivated by guilt. Missing a book club meeting in November doesn’t mean that going to the December gathering should be mandatory. If an acquaintance is in town and would really love a tour of the area, now is the time to dust the word “no” off and politely use it.

Try to limit intake of processed sugar. It’s good for a high but the low is just as drastic, which can make energy levels erratic. Try to limit calories from sweets to no more than 100 calories a day. Nuts and fruit are much better as a snack than sugary treats.

It’s important to carve out time to relax. That may be difficult with a huge stack of holiday cards that need to be addressed sitting on the dinner table, but ignore them. Every day, try to schedule an hour away from the demands of the holidays. If people get their cards on the 26th instead of the 24th, the world won’t end. It’s more important to read a book, or take a bath than to be a machine. It’s also a good idea to step away from the television, mobile devices and computer too. Disconnecting from technology is a big stress reducer.

Finally, remember to put the season in perspective. Spend some time doing something charitable and the stress of not being able to find the perfect gift will quickly take up the appropriate amount of space on the “to do” list.

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