Pierre Bennett Global Vacations: Favorite Destinations in the Alps

Pierre Bennett Global Vacations

Pierre Bennett Global Vacations

Says the team at Pierre Bennett Global Vacations, it’s impossible to capture the essence of the Bavarian Alps in mere words. However, Pierre Bennett Global Vacations has some concrete ideas for places that club members may want to visit. Once visitors are there, Pierre Bennett Global Vacations suggests taking as many photos as possible, because when it comes to the majesty of the Alps, a picture really is worth a thousand words. Pierre Bennett Global Vacations allows members to purchase condo inventory up to a year in advance, and that means that members can start to plan their vacation early.

Pierre Bennett Global Vacations often recommends a trip to Zugspitze to experience life at 9,720 feet above sea level. Members don’t need to climb Germany’s highest mountain, however, because there are railways and cable cars waiting to help people ascend the mountain. Once visitors are on top of Zugspitze, Pierre Bennett Global Vacations points out that they can enjoy the gorgeous views of over 400 peaks.

Neuschwanstein Castle, says Pierre Bennett Global Vacations, is kitsch and stunning at the same time. Once visitors finish traveling the steep ascent to Schloss Neuschwanstein, they will be astounded by the view of the castle. Pierre Bennett Global Vacations reports that King Ludwig II asked architects to build him an idealized version of a knight’s castle, and this garish yet beautiful representation was what they came up with. Over a million people a year come to see this example of “castle romanticism,” says the team at Pierre Bennett Global Vacations.

Pierre Bennett Global Vacations also suggests that a fun activity for the whole family in Allgäu is to learn to make cheese. The grass is supposed to make the cows “extra happy” in this area, and that in turn leads to extraordinary cheese. Pierre Bennett Global Vacations suggests thatvisitors to Allgäu memorize the recipe for this cheese and try it at home.

Ettal Abbey, a baroque building, is one of the most significant Benedictine abbeys in the Alps. Pierre Bennett Global Vacations notes that the structure dates back to 1330. When members walk through the gate the impressive facade of the Gothic church will astound them. Pierre Bennett Global Vacations also encouragesvisitors to take the guided tours to introduce visitors to the abbey, church and monks’ quarters. The abbey has had its own brewery since the 17th century, says Pierre Bennett Global Vacations, and their schnapps is well known.  And since members of the Pierre Bennett Global Vacations travel club get the lowest price available at time of booking, making this extra stop on the vacation trip is well within reach.





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