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Tax Tiger

Sacramento-based Tax Tiger offers franchise licenses in 35 states. Today, Interviews & News speaks with “America’s Most Effective Tax Representation Company“ to find out more.


Interviews & News: Good morning and thank you for joining us today. With the economy the way it is, we understand that the tax representation industry is booming.

Tax Tiger: Yes it is, and we are offering a legitimate opportunity for hard-working and honest individuals to make a difference in the lives of their fellow Americans.

Interviews & News: Can you explain to us why Tax Tiger decided to franchise?

Tax Tiger: Since our main goal is customer satisfaction, we did not want to outgrow our reputation for offering personalized service.

Interviews & News: But why not just open more locations?

Tax Tiger: The owners are very heavily involved in our day-to-day operations and did not want to spread themselves that thin.

Interviews & News: How many employees does a startup franchise require?

Tax Tiger: Tax Tiger offers opportunities for any size office, with room to grow.

Interviews & News: Why is now a good time to open a Tax Tiger franchise?

Tax Tiger: IRS policies and procedures are becoming exceedingly complex for the average American to understand. As well, with the economy in recovery, more taxpayers are ready to confront the IRS and resolve their financial complications once and for all.

Interviews & News: We understand that you have franchise offices available throughout most of the United States. Are there any exclusions?

Tax Tiger: Unfortunately, we are currently unable to offer franchise opportunities to residents of Wisconsin, Washington, Virginia, Utah, South Dakota, Rhode Island, North Dakota, New York, Nebraska, Minnesota, Maryland, Kentucky, Indiana, Hawaii, and Connecticut.

Interviews & News: Are franchise owners guaranteed success?

Tax Tiger: Franklin D. Roosevelt once said that taxes are the dues that one pays for the privilege of membership in an organized society; with that in mind, it is certain that there will always be taxpayers and there will always be taxpayers who need help communicating with the IRS. This is a recession proof industry and those who uphold our business model and maintain impeccable ethics should have no problem finding success in this business.

Interviews & News: How is Tax Tiger different from its competitors?

Tax Tiger: One thing that sets us apart is that, aside from a pragmatic approach to our client’s financial woes, we also offer compassion and empathy. We understand their clients are individuals with families to support and lives to live. We treat each and every one with respect and compassion.

Interviews & News: Is this a business that requires a 24/7 commitment?

Tax Tiger: No, in fact, we believe that weekend should be dedicated to personal time; Tax Tiger offices are only open Monday through Friday.

Interviews & News: We sincerely appreciate your time today. Congratulations on your continued growth and expansion.

Tax Tiger: Thank you for allowing us to share this exciting business opportunity with your readers.

To contact Tax Tiger, please call them directly at 866.667.3829

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