Dr. Anne Borik Shares the Power of Mind and Body Fitness with Incredible Discoveries

You’re stressed at work, you’re fatigued at home.  You’re feeling unhappy and unhealthy.  But it’s not time to give up.  It’s time to give yourself a happier and healthier life.  You’re about to learn how you can do it.  How you can change your life, control your stress, fight your fatigue and pull yourself out of that slump without drugs, without prescriptions and without giving anything up.  Incredible Discoveries ® will show you how to balance your body and mind to relieve your stress in just minutes a day.

Incredible Discoveries: We all know stress.  Sometimes it hits us hard.  Sometimes it eats away at us over time.  If this sounds all too familiar, then I’m so glad you’re here.  Because you’re about to learn about something that will change the way you live – a cutting-edge new practice called “Sign Chi Do: The Power of Mind and Body Fitness.” Here today with us is Dr. Anne Borik, to tell us more about this amazing mind and body fitness health program.

Dr. Anne Borik: Hi there, how are you?

Incredible Discoveries: Now, your program, Sign Chi Do, is making its way across the country now as an inspiring stress-management system that people are signing up to take in health clubs, churches, retirement homes and so many more places.  Why is Sign Chi Do catching on so fast?

Dr. Anne Borik: Well, it’s simple.  It leaves you feeling whole and complete without depleting you in any way.

Incredible Discoveries: It seems like a positive way to combine mental and physical fitness in a low-key, relaxation-centered way.  You really show people how they make every day a happier, healthier day.

Dr. Anne Borik: That’s right, by incorporating a sign language gesture with breathing and movement; we literally take positive words and make them come alive in movement.  In order to really experience Sign Chi Do, you have to engage in the movement.

Incredible Discoveries: Can you show me?

Dr. Anne Borik: OK.  Arms down, and take a breath in.  Slowly breathe in and slowly breathe out, aligning the mind and body.  The first word is “healthy”.  It’s depicted by showing strength emanating from your body, the muscles are engaged, the attitude, posture and then relax.  Point back as if to say “Healthy am I”.  The next word is “happy”.  It’s an uplifting movement, you can’t help but smile.  Point back to say “Am I”.  And the last word is “Holy” – come across as if to wipe clean.  And then point back as if to say “Am I”.  Arms down, balance your body, bring your mind in tune with the words breathing in and breathing out.

Incredible Discoveries: Doing all of these together and through your program for just a few minutes a day reduces your stress and anxiety.

Dr. Anne Borik: That’s right, by energizing and moving the body, relaxing the mind.  And bringing intention, it actually helps to integrate and connect, reconnect the mind and body in a way that absolutely helps to fight stress.

Incredible Discoveries: And without using medication.

Dr. Anne Borik: That’s exactly right.  You know, as a physician, I developed this program in an attempt to help with the common need to help manage stress, fatigue, depression, high blood pressure, even diabetes, leaving you with – maybe – less medication.

Incredible Discoveries: And that’s what we want.

Dr. Anne Borik: That’s right.

Incredible Discoveries: Let’s break down the name of the program: Sign Chi Do, because I think that explains a lot.

Dr. Anne Borik: Sign is simply the mode of communication.

Incredible Discoveries: OK.

Dr. Anne Borik: Chi is energy, and Do means The Way.  So, Sign Chi Do engages or allows us to express emotions as positive affirmations through movement and breathing.

Incredible Discoveries: And by Sign, you literally mean Sign Language.

Dr. Anne Borik: That’s exactly right. In Sign language and movement, it’s interesting how it allows us to obtain a deeper meaning of each word as it comes alive in movement.

Incredible Discoveries: So the movement makes your program different from other meditation techniques. And the signing makes it different from other relaxation exercises, like Tai Chi, for example.

Dr. Anne Borik: That’s exactly right.  All of Tai Chi, yoga, different Chi Gong, different movement exercises, instead of emptying the mind, I developed this program to fill the mind with a word, with an affirmation, with an intention, and then literally bring it out expressing it in movement.

Incredible Discoveries: So, it’s a medically sound how-to practice, literally connecting the mind, body and spirit in a way that has never been done before.

Dr. Anne Borik: That’s right; I developed this program based on brain function.  By incorporating Sign Language, the linguistic component of Sign Language, stimulates the brain in a different area than other movement.  And when we do that with movement and breathing, we literally are able to connect and energize and bring a connection with the brain cells together.

Incredible Discoveries: And that’s what we want.  So in addition to exercising your body, you’re actually exercising your brain.

Dr. Anne Borik: That’s right.

Incredible Discoveries: OK, let’s talk about how Sign Chi Do affects your body.

Dr. Anne Borik: Physiologically, by bringing oxygen into the body, blood vessels begin to relax, increasing blood flow to the brain, to the body, to the intestines.  It’s a powerful way, and it not only is good for balance, but it helps to improve concentration, it helps to improve memory.

Incredible Discoveries: I’m sure, circulation, too.

Dr. Anne Borik: Absolutely – Leaving you with an overall sense of well-being.

Incredible Discoveries: Dr. Borik, thank you so much for taking the time to introduce us to this wonderful program.  And for more information on Sign Chi Do, visit

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