Q&A with Philip Melugin: When Is it Time for Home Healthcare?


Philip Melugin

Philip Melugin

Philip Melugin has amassed years of experience in the home healthcare industry, beginning with his position as assistant vice president for Oxford Healthcare and leading to the position he holds today as president and owner of Phoenix Home Care in Springfield, Missouri. Home healthcare is invaluable for many who are unable to leave the home without great effort. Recently, Philip Melugin answered some frequently asked questions about home healthcare.

Q: What type of people use home healthcare?

Philip Melugin: Some people believe home healthcare is only for the elderly, but we see patients of all ages. Some simply would prefer to remain at home and be cared for, while others need temporary assistance getting back on their feet after an injury or surgery.

Q: Is it expensive?

Philip Melugin: It can be costly, but in many cases insurance pays for at least part of the cost. Medicaid and Medicare may also pay. Check with your insurer to see if it’s covered.

Q: How do I know whether I need home healthcare or not?

Philip Melugin: There are a variety of reasons someone might choose home healthcare. If a patient doesn’t have easy access to transportation or has a hard time getting to a medical facility for appointments, home healthcare can be a viable option. Patients who are bedridden or simply prefer to stay at home rather than be seen in a medical setting are perfect candidates.

Q: What should I look for in a home healthcare agency?

Philip Melugin: A home health agency should be customer-service oriented and truly compassionate. It’s important to find a home health agency with a strong presence in the community that takes the time to personally get to know each of its customers.

Q: What kind of accreditation should I search for when considering a home health service provider?

Philip Melugin: The Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP) is a not-for-profit accrediting program that ensures organizations maintain the highest standards in the industry.

Q: Can home health care be used for small children?

Philip Melugin: Phoenix Home Care regularly works with children. Our private duty nurses work with children who are recovering from serious injuries and children with special needs.

Q: Can home health services be used to help new moms?

Philip Melugin: Yes. In fact, Phoenix Home Care offers Mom and Baby New Beginnings assistance. A nurse will come into the new mom’s home and work with her on learning to breastfeed and other newborn care issues.

Q: Can home health help an ailing patient with personal care?

Philip Melugin: Phoenix Home Care offers assistance with everything from personal grooming to chores and housework, to advanced personal care with tasks such as catheter care and diabetic monitoring.

Q: Is there a limit to how much you can make to qualify for home health care?

Philip Melugin: If your in-home care is through the State’s health and senior services, yes, your income will have to be below the current limit.

Q: Where can a Missouri or Kansas resident find out more about home health care from Phoenix?

Philip Melugin: Information is available on our website at or call us at 417-881-7442.

Philip Melugin is a longtime Missouri resident who served patients of every age in home health care for many years. Philip Melugin is active in Living Waters Community Church in Nixa, Missouri.

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