Guy Riordan Explains that Florida is a Buyer’s Market

Guy Riordan

Guy Riordan

Guy Riordan says that the time is right to purchase Florida real estate. An experienced realtor, he knows that land on Marco Island is an excellent investment. To make a profit in real estate, says Riordan, a person needs vision and the ability to ride on the crest of a wave, not merely be at the center of it. This veteran of forty years in real estate says that while it might seem prudent to hold off for an upward spike in the market, that’s not always the wisest choice.

Florida real estate sales are closing in at prices from eight years ago, and even lower, Guy Riordan reports. Certainly prices are low, but markets turn around, Mr. Riordan points out. And the time is right to buy when the real estate prices are the lowest. For Guy Riordan, the bottom line is crucial. “The reality is that real estate in Marco Island is still a potentially good and strong investment,” affirms Riordan.

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