David Slone on Finding The Right Used Car

David Slone

David Slone

For many, buying a new or used car can be a stressful experience, as David Slone knows. Today, David Slone discusses several things to consider when making this commitment.

Q: Thanks for taking some time to talk to us today, David Slone. It’s really much more than just the price of the car, or the terms of the note, isn’t it?

David Slone: Yes, it is. It’s harder for sellers to get by with things like rolling back a car’s odometer or selling a car that was wrecked or flooded.

Q: Let’s touch for a moment on wrecked or flooded vehicles…

David Slone: A car that’s been in a collision or flood will, in most states, now come with a “salvage” title. That’s a big step forward for consumers, just by itself.

Q: Should salvage titles be avoided altogether?

David Slone: Not necessarily. Some people can get by just fine with a car that has a salvage title, but it’s a roll of the dice.

Q: How so?

David Slone: Cars that have been flooded or totaled are almost always going to be prone to electrical issues, and cars that have been in significant collisions may have drivability or safety problems for the rest of their lives.  I would be very cautious buying a vehicle with a salvage title!

Q:What kinds of resources can a buyer use to research a car?

David Slone: I highly recommend the car history reports offered by Carfax and AutoCheck. They are two different services, but they provide essentially the same information.

Q: Which is…?

David Slone: Background about the odometer reading, title information, history of the vehicle registration, lemon history, recalls, service and repair information and accident involvement, including frame damage, warranty repairs, total-loss, warranty repairs, or airbag deployment.

Q: What else can a buyer do to protect himself?


David Slone: Ask the dealer to see the mechanical inspection report that was done when they bought or traded for the vehicle.  If it is a private seller, ask to take the vehicle to a mechanic of your choice and have it checked out.

Q: After a thorough test drive, of course…

David Slone: Yes, absolutely. Take the car out at all speeds and see how it rides, runs and drives.

Q: What other kinds of research should you do?

David Slone: After carefully considering what sort of vehicle you need, look into the year, make and model of that particular car. Look for information about recalls or any other common problems that may arise for that vehicle.

Q: Any parting advice?

David Slone: Yes, trust your gut. If you don’t get a good feeling about car, or seller, you’re probably right and you should move on.

David Slone serves as Used Car Manager and General Sales Manager at Weld County Garage. With David Slone as manager, Weld County has become the #1 Buick and GMC dealer in the western region. Prior to his time at Weld County Garage, David Slone worked as Vice President and President at Macrosystem US, a video editing equipment manufacturer. David Slone and wife Stacey broke into the video production business years ago with their own company, Amber’s Video Production. David Slone and wife sold the company seven years later and moved on to other profitable ventures.


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