ANY LAB TEST NOW Offers Employee Wellness Tests



Diabetes in the workplace costs employers thousands of lost work hours a year. The absenteeism rate of diabetic to non-diabetic employees is nearly 8 to 1. ANY LAB TEST NOW offers businesses an important tool to monitor employee diabetes rates, with simple blood panel testing. When a corporation invests a very small amount into testing, they can gain much more.

ANY LAB TEST NOW test results equip employees with the knowledge to discuss diabetes with their doctor. This allows patients to can manage diabetes better and keep a higher level of efficiency in the workplace. Many people assume that because they have a healthy lifestyle, eat well and are physically active that they aren’t at risk for diabetes. However, ANY LAB TEST NOW reports that people can have other factors that put them at risk for diabetes. The team at ANY LAB TEST NOW says that the test is fast, virtually painless and can give an employee and employer peace of mind.

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