C-Suite IT For SMBs Without An Executive Budget

Most small and medium businesses do not have $200,000 or more for a chief information security officer salary. So, what is a company to do if they need temporary or ongoing help with IT compliance? Louisville managed IT services provider ImageQuest weighs in on this problem with an affordable solution.

Q: Thank you for joining us today. With all of the media attention on cybersecurity, we thought it would be of interest to our readers to bring an expert in IT.

ImageQuest: We appreciate you reaching out to us.

Q: We will start by asking a bit about your company. What is ImageQuest?

ImageQuest: We are a managed IT services provider. We offer businesses direct access to tools, support, and information to assist them with cybersecurity and IT compliance. Our experts work with businesses in Louisville, Nashville, and beyond.

Q: Very interesting. Is this for businesses that do not have a dedicated IT staff?

ImageQuest: We can provide services to companies with no tech team and those with IT staff who simply need assistance staying current on technology trends. One of our specialties is providing advanced tech consulting to businesses that do not have the budget to hire a C-level security officer. Our vCISO (virtual chief information security officer) service is ideal for organizations facing technology growing pains.

Q: What industries do you cater to?

ImageQuest: All of them! However, there are certain sectors that require more expertise than others. A financial institute, for example, will have greater IT needs than a boutique clothing retailer. This is because anyone in the financial services sector is required to adhere to strict IT compliance regulations. For banks, credit unions, mortgage brokers, title firms, and wealth management advisors in Louisville and the surrounding areas, we can provide in-person, online, and telephone support on these often complicated guidelines.

Q: Can you provide an example of how vCISO service has helped one of your clients?

ImageQuest: Absolutely. We will look at a bank that opened in Nashville as a small financial institution. Like many businesses, they lacked the funds for a dedicated security officer. However, our founder, Milton Bartley, was able to stand in as the company’s information advisor through the vCISO program. He provided guidance to the bank in maintaining FFIEC regulatory requirements, which is crucial for a bank.

Q: vCISO allowed the bank to maintain IT compliance? How?

ImageQuest: It started with a meeting to discuss their needs. Mr. Bartley walked them through everything from risk assessment and policy development to how to scale their cybersecurity efforts as their bank expanded. This included a laundry list of services down to managing the bank’s hardware and software.

Q: What are some ways ImageQuest can help small businesses in the Louisville area maintain IT compliance?

ImageQuest: One of the first things our company does is evaluate the client’s current IT environment. We can use this information to make objective recommendations based on their needs, operating capabilities, and industry. Our information technology experts can compile a list of steps to ensure our client business is up to date and in full compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. IT compliance is not a one-time project but an ongoing effort. Because of this, we also offer IT support and are available to help resolve technology issues big and small.

Q: What about those businesses that only need help once to get started?

ImageQuest: We are happy to help with this as well. We can provide vCISO for a single meeting or for a year or more. Further, companies that need ongoing guidance with IT compliance may choose to have an expert on-site during regulatory audits. This is a great option for businesses with an IT staff but that could benefit from occasional expert help.

Q: This is a lot of information, and you have certainly given our readers something to think about. Do you have anything that you would like to add before we close?

ImageQuest: We would just like to extend an open invitation to all small businesses to give us a call. Whether you need IT compliance services in Louisville or a cybersecurity evaluation in Bowling Green, our professional group of tech support, developers, and other IT pros are ready to help.

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