BentleyForbes Explores Leading Real Estate Issues of the 21st Century

BentleyForbesBentleyForbes has invested in a broad array of markets and industries across the United States, including office suites, hotels, residential properties and industrial facilities and retail establishments. As a trusted authority in the world of real estate, BentleyForbes offers ample guidance to those who are considering purchases of both commercial and multi-family properties. In that process, BentleyForbes examines the markets carefully to determine any potential hazards that may occur. As a result of the company’s due diligence, clients have benefited from BentleyForbes’ efforts over the past two decades.

Very few real estate investment companies have the knowledge and insight offered by the team at BentleyForbes. BentleyForbes has maneuvered around many challenging situations by exercising its great influence. While the expertise of BentleyForbes is well suited to the tumultuous world of real estate, success still requires a deft touch. After examining an article published by National Real Estate Investor, the team at BentleyForbes came away with a few new ideas that can improve client results over the next years.

Healthcare reform effects on real estate industry

The institution of the Affordable Care Act may have serious ramifications for the real estate industry, says BentleyForbes. As demand for medical buildings, pharmacies, diagnostic services and physical therapy facilities increase exponentially, real estate investment companies like BentleyForbes are poised to become a great asset. Medical professionals are searching for affordable and attractive housing options while growing their practices. Over the next decade, BentleyForbes plans to keep a close eye on the healthcare industry and its impact on real estate.

Younger Americans may experience a turbulent economic future

With the current generation of Americans struggling to damp down student debt, BentleyForbes believes that efforts to obtain suitable insurance coverage may be thwarted.  According to BentleyForbes, adult children often face difficulties in caring for aging parents while trying to make ends meet in their own households. Over the next few years, BentleyForbes expects an increase in the need for inexpensive housing options for this population.

Real estate industry battles elements with mergence of weather events, emergencies

Another trend troubling real estate investors is the risk of natural disasters and other widespread emergency situations, observes BentleyForbes. Heartbreaking events such as the Boston Marathon tragedy, Hurricane Sandy in New York City and the tornadoes of Oklahoma are impossible to predict. BentleyForbes points out that financial crises in European countries like Cyprus and Greece have caused considerable concern among international investors. While real estate professionals are unable to predict future traumatic events, BentleyForbes believes that investors should prepare as best they can.

BentleyForbes has been involved in a number of significant conversations about investment and restoration in certain markets. Maintaining a focus on sustainable practices, BentleyForbes continues to secure new properties, from industrial locations to single-family residences. BentleyForbes has paid attention to a number of issues that may affect the real estate industry over the next few years, including energy and technology development and the resurgence of capital markets.

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