Q&A with Scott Sohr, Nashville based Entrepreneur: Outdoor Nashville activities

Scott Sohr NashvilleAccording to real estate developer, Scott Sohr, Nashville is famous for country music and fried chicken, but Music City also offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors. In the following interview, Scott Sohr, Nashville resident of 33 years, talks about Nashville’s top outdoor attractions.  What outdoor activities do you like to do in Nashville?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: I like biking, hiking, tennis, boot camps, anything outdoors, really. Where in Nashville is a great place to do all these activities?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: Well, we have several great parks. The Warner Parks are very popular. They have both paved and wood paths that wind through the woods. The terrain is such that you can walk for a solid twenty minutes uphill to get that cardio thing going. What if you prefer water activities?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: Nashville has a lake that covers an area of more than 14,000 acres. Percy Priest Lake has more than 200 miles of shoreline and it’s considered one of the finest largemouth bass lakes in the state of Tennessee. Is swimming allowed?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: Yes. There is a nice sandy beach for swimmers. Other activities include boating, and canoeing. The lake also has four marinas with floating restaurants.  Can you camp there and rent any water equipment?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: Yes, you can camp at Percy Priest Lake and rent canoes, paddle boats, pontoons, and the appropriate gear. Some of these rentals even shuttle you back to your car when the day is done. And all this is close proximity to downtown Nashville?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: Yes. Percy Priest Lake is only 10 miles east of Nashville; Warner Parks just nine miles from downtown.

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