Joe Zanotti Talks About Golfing in Vietnam

Joe Zanotti

Joe Zanotti

A passionate golfer, Joe Zanotti found himself working away from home for large chunks of time. Despite the distance, he knew that he wanted to pursue his golf hobby anyway. At the time however, Zanotti was working in Vietnam. And golf courses were far from abundant.

While working at Hyundai, Joe Zanotti was invited by a co-worker to join him in a round of golf at the Long Thanh Country Club—an invitation that Zanotti was happy to accept. Golf clubs in that part of the world are opulent with loads of amenities – including caddies. At the course, Joe Zanotti was partnered with his own caddie, a knowledgeable and petite woman. He was  bowled over with her strength and tenacity. At game’s end,  he asked what the tip should be. He was told two dollars. So, Zanotti gave the petite woman two dollars in public, then he pulled the caddy aside privately and gave her ten dollars. When asked why, he replied, “These girls worked so hard and were so pleasant.”

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