Eloi Kummetz Takes on the Housing Shortage in Africa

Eloi Kummetz

Eloi Kummetz

Among his many projects in Africa, Brazil, and other countries around the world, Eloi Kummetz brings integrity and compassion to areas that need it most. Through his Kummetz Corporation, Eloi Kummetz is working to address the housing shortage, especially in post-apartheid Africa.

According to Eloi Kummetz, many throughout the world are unaware of the housing conditions in Africa. In some areas, Eloi Kummetz points out, residents are still feeling the aftereffects of apartheid, with entire families struggling to survive in tiny, cramped spaces. Some areas still see residents in encampments and shanties, Eloi Kummetz explains.

Some of these people are living illegally, Eloi Kummetz describes, with no choice but to occupy a small shack in order to keep warm and dry. In these areas, Eloi Kummetz states, there is inadequate housing to handle the number of residents of these areas. The government never worked to address the lack of housing in areas affected by apartheid, so residents have built their own housing, inadequate though it may be.

Kummetz Corporation hopes to remedy that. Eloi Kummetz believes that in using quality, low-cost materials and accelerated timeframes, Kummetz Corporation can help address this housing shortage in Africa. Throughout all of its work, the company will strive to uphold Eloi Kummetz’s dedication to preserving the environment.

Housing isn’t the only work Kummetz Corporation is doing in Africa. Eloi Kummetz is also working with local businesses and government to help strengthen the education system in Africa, believing that by helping residents gain access to educational opportunities, the country will have a stronger, better-educated workforce. This is important for Africa’s future, Eloi Kummetz believes, and will benefit the entire country’s economy in the long-term.

The housing situation needs to be addressed now, before things get worse, Eloi Kummetz points out. According to Eloi Kummetz, the United Nations Population Fund has predicted that the population of Africa will reach 750 million in the year 2030. In 2000, Africa had only 294 million people, according to the organization. Eloi Kummetz explains that with a housing shortage already in existence, if the problem isn’t addressed now it will grow exponentially worse in the future.

Through Kummetz Corporation, Eloi Kummetz seeks to improve living conditions in Africa and around the world, giving residents a comfortable life while helping provide economic opportunities in regions that need them most.


  1. John rey Smith says:

    I agree with Eloi Kummetz, if they use a low-cost and an environmental friendly material this might be the solutions of housing shortage in Africa. We do hope that the Eloi Kummetz company will continue to help the African people to build not only housing project but also a good future for the entire Africa. Thank you so much Eloi Kummetz.

    • Eloi Kummetz says:

      @John rey – Thanks for leaving a comment. “Eloi Kummetz Takes on the Housing Shortage in Africa” – Eloi Kummetz

  2. Nathan Sy says:

    We also believe like Eloi Kummetz that education is one the key of success of a country. We admire Eloi Kummetz believing in his every project. Eloi Kummetz is really doing a good job.

    • Eloi Kummetz says:

      @Nathan – Thanks for your heartwarming feedback. “Eloi Kummetz Takes on the Housing Shortage in Africa” – Eloi Kummetz

  3. Kevin Santur says:

    It’s nice to see a company like Eloi Kummetz company that gives importance to the environment. We can say that Eloi Kummetz has a good heart, and we really admire your dedication to your work Eloi Kummetz.

    • Eloi Kummetz says:

      @Kevin – Thanks for leaving a comment, its our pleasure to help you. “Eloi Kummetz Takes on the Housing Shortage in Africa” – Eloi Kummetz

  4. Andrie Vera says:

    What I love about Eloi Kummetz company is their passion to help and giving hope to others. I really admire Eloi Kummetz for being a good leader and a nice person. Thanks Eloi kummetz for giving inspiration to others. Keep up the good work!

    • Eloi Kummetz says:

      @Andrie – That’s our mission in life to give inspiration and hope to others, and we will never get tired of helping those who are in needs. “Eloi Kummetz Takes on the Housing Shortage in Africa” Thank you so much! – Eloi Kummetz

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