Can I Sealcoat My Own Driveway?

Hargrove SealcoatingWhat are the pros and cons of seal coating? Is it something I can do myself, or should I hire a professional? Keep reading as our asphalt patching specialists answer these questions and more for Nashville homeowners.

Does my driveway really need to be sealcoated?

In a word, yes. Sealcoating is an important part of the asphalt maintenance process. Plus, it is affordable and only needs to be done every few years. By completing this step, you may be able to avoid the expense of asphalt patching. Nashville homeowners have the choice of handling their sealcoating project on their own or hiring a professional.

DIY vs. Pro

Many homeowners can successfully apply sealcoating products to their own driveways. For a small driveway that is free of damage, this is a rather simple afternoon project. However, there are many factors to consider. One of these is the condition of the surface. If there are deep cracks or missing chunks, asphalt patching may be required. Most Nashville hardware stores sell materials specifically for this, but they are often low quality and difficult to apply without experience.

Other downsides to DIY sealcoating are the potential for back injuries, skin irritation, and ruined clothing.

Hiring a professional sealcoating company is a smart choice for home and business owners who want to ensure their asphalt surfaces are treated with the highest quality products available. Further, our Nashville clients also have access to advanced asphalt patching and repair services.

Sealcoating is a relatively inexpensive project to outsource, particularly for longer driveways. Perhaps most importantly, having an expert in sealcoating and asphalt patching means that the prep work will get done correctly. This is important in the Nashville area because of the ever-changing weather. Prepped and sealed incorrectly or at the wrong time, and a driveway may suffer further water or ice damage.

What to Watch Out For

If you are a homeowner considering sealcoating on your own, you should know that it does take practice to do right. Sealcoating materials must be mixed correctly. While the instructions are available on the package, too thick, and it may not set correctly. Too thin, and it likely will not improve your driveway surface. In addition to the sealcoating materials, you will also need protective eyewear, a facemask, and an asphalt squeegee. These items can add significantly to the overall cost of the project.

You will also need to completely clean the driveway using a leaf blower and broom. A pressure washer may be used, but you will need to wait at least one day to sealcoat after pressure washing as the last thing you want is to lock moisture into your driveway.

How Long Does It Take?

The first time you attempt it yourself, it may take a while to get the hang of it. A professional company, however, may be able to complete even a large driveway in a single day. Depending on the temperature and the amount of sunlight the driveway receives, you may be able to drive on it within 24 hours. If your project required asphalt patching, your Nashville sealcoating experts may give you different instructions on when the driveway is safe to use again.

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