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We all can remember our parents telling us to eat our greens and refusing because they never were appealing. Now it isn’t just greens; but red fruits and vegetables that can benefit your health, says BrandStar Entertainment.

According to BrandStar Entertainment ®, the importance of color and the produce that we eat is more than “skin deep”.  Within fruits and vegetables such as guava, papayas, and tomatoes is a natural substance called Lycopene.  Lycopene is not only responsible for the red color in these foods, says BrandStar Entertainment; it also has the ability to help prevent cancer and works as an antioxidant.

Lycopene possesses an ability to prevent different types of cancer, due to the fact that the substance keeps cell-membranes strong.  “When the cell-membranes are strong, nutrients will reach the cells while keeping toxins from entering the cells”, says BrandStar Entertainment.  Lycopene has proven to help put off cancers such as prostate, breast, lung, ovaries, colon and HPV – which can cause uterine cancer.

Lycopene also helps to thwart other diseases, says BrandStar Entertainment.  For example, as explained by BrandStar Entertainment, it prevents heart disease by stopping cholesterol from oxidizing.  (When cholesterol oxidizes, it clogs the arteries and makes them harder than normal.)  Per BrandStar Entertainment, Lycopene prevents infertility, by increasing the concentration of sperm.  BrandStar Entertainment has noted additional ways in which it can be helpful: it can help prevent diabetes, aging of the skin, and it works as an internal sunscreen.  As said by BrandStar Entertainment, new studies are indicating that lycopene consumption helps to lower the chance of having a stroke.

“Tomatoes are one of the most amazing sources of lycopene”, says BrandStar Entertainment.   In particular, tomatoes produced by Tasti-Lee® are rich in Lycopene, with 40% more Lycopene than the average tomato. Per BrandStar Entertainment, Tasti-Lee® brings extra health value – it’s higher in lycopene than regular tomatoes… up to 40% more content consistently. Cooking tomatoes actually concentrates lycopene content… it doesn’t “cook it away”. “Enjoying Tasti-Lee® either fresh or cooked is a great idea,” says BrandStar Entertainment.

Also according to BrandStar Entertainment, there are multiple ways in which Tasti-Lee® can be considered a “super food”, all unto itself:

• TASTE – Tasti-Lee® has been developed using natural breeding techniques (no GMO) to provide an impeccable balance of sweet & tart elements.

• FRESHNESS – Tasti-Lee® has the ability to be fully ripened on the vine, yet remain firm and fresh for an extended period of time. When other tomatoes are ripened on the vine, they rapidly become soft and mushy.

• LONG LIFE – with Tasti-Lee®, consumers can purchase and place on the kitchen counter for 1-2 weeks; and still have a firm, fresh and flavorful tomato to consume.

While there are currently no government suggestions towards lycopene consumption, as noted by BrandStar Entertainment, dietary guidelines have conventionally endorsed Americans to eat a minimum of five to nine servings of fruits and vegetables per day.  If you’re looking for an alternative to consuming Lycopene, it can also be taken as a supplement either in soft gels or oil based and can be found at vitamin stores, reports BrandStar Entertainment.

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