James Stuckey Offers Tips on Urban Photography

James Stuckey

James Stuckey

James Stuckey, President and CEO of Verdant Properties, LLC, has spent his entire career developing and improving the cityscape in New York.  While many may be turned off by The Big Apple’s gray streets and the towering, dark buildings, James Stuckey basks in its beauty.  In the following interview, James Stuckey discusses urban photography with Interviews and News as a means for capturing the beauty of the city.

Interviews and News: First of all, James Stuckey, thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge about Urban Photography with us.

James Stuckey: It is certainly my pleasure.

Interviews and News:  What is urban photography?

James Stuckey:  It is a form of photography that focuses on the city as the main subject. Urban photography might include the bridges, tunnels, skyscrapers, warehouses, and brownstones that tell the story of a city.  Some of the most striking urban photos include graffiti, abandoned buildings, and underpasses—places most people rarely see and would never think of as places of beauty.

Interviews and News: Where is urban photography shot?

James Stuckey: Urban photography shows the contrasts so often found in cities—bursts of color on gray or concrete, skyscrapers shooting up next to bodegas, or greenery popping up in an alley.  Urban photography very rarely includes people, whereas street photography focuses on the people.

Interviews and News:  What tips do you offer for those interested in urban photography?

James Stuckey:  First, take advantage of the fact that the city is always changing.  A particular shot of Times Square will look vastly different in the morning as opposed to late at night.  Go back to the same shot at different times and see what happens.  Likewise, changes in weather can have dramatic effects on images, so don’t be afraid to get a little cold or wet.

Interviews and News: Do you have any final words about shooting urban photography?

James Stuckey: Yes. Finally, be patient; streets and staircases will empty, the sun will eventually move your way, but you have to be patient to get the best shot sometimes.


About James Stuckey

James Stuckey is a seasoned real estate developer with a passion for all that is urban.  When he’s not developing properties, James Stuckey enjoys photography, coin collecting and volunteering in the community. James Stuckey lives with his wife and family in Florida.

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