Dan Sciscente Says his Love of Music Remains Despite Busy Career in IT

Dan Sciscente

Dan Sciscente

In today’s interview, we will speak with Dan Sciscente, a Montreal based Information Technology entrepreneur and Project Manager, who encourages young IT professionals to focus on their passions as well as their careers.

Interviews and News: Good morning and thank you for taking the time to chat with us today.

Dan Sciscente: I appreciate the opportunity. It’s not every day an IT guy gets a chance to talk about music.

Interviews and News: Dan, first can you tell us a little about yourself and your current occupation.

Dan Sciscente: I am the co-founder of Communi-T, which is a self-branded software firm. We create software that makes the business intelligence program SAP more user friendly. I am also a certified Professional Project Manager.

Interviews and News: We understand that life wasn’t always tech-oriented for you.

Dan Sciscente: In the late 80s and early 90s, I was a session drummer. I started banging on pots and pans when I was about four and my parents finally gave in and bought me my first percussion instrument at seven.

Interviews and News: How old were you when you begin to take music seriously?

Dan Sciscente: I was 12 when I actually started on the drums and found an immediate passion.

Interviews and News: And when was your first gig?

Dan Sciscente: When I was 13, some friends and I started a rock band. We were pretty good for kids and were chosen to play at local talent showcase. We played in front of 1,000 people that night.

Interviews and News: You got noticed pretty quickly…

Dan Sciscente: I loved it… that much was apparent. I had talent but I definitely had more passion than anything. People noticed and I was able to form some great partnerships. Really, this was my first experience networking.

Interviews and News: Did you ever get involved in the industry aside from playing?

Dan Sciscente: I did. I found out at around 15 that I had a knack for writing and the next year I discovered a love of session recording. By the time I was 17 I had matured enough that I was producing.

Interviews and News: How successful were you at this early age?

Dan Sciscente: We recorded three singles. But, before we ever had the chance to sign – we had some interest – we broke. It happens all the time. I didn’t want to stop playing so I kept on touring with a few other local bands. Just out of my teens, I started remixing tracks for the dance industry.

Interviews and News: How did you make the jump from musician to successful developer?

Dan Sciscente: I was in my prime at the beginning of the net revolution and it just happened. I had to work hard at it. I went to school and dedicated a great deal of my time to learning the business.

Interviews and News: What advice would you give fresh graduates trying to break into the industry?

Dan Sciscente: The best thing that a hopeful for any profession can do for himself or herself is to take the time to do the things they love. I still play with local acts as a hobby. Having something that you are passionate about in your life really helps to prevent burn-out.

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