Dan Sciscente Says his Love of Music Remains Despite Busy Career in IT

Dan Sciscente

In today’s interview, we will speak with Dan Sciscente, a Montreal based Information Technology entrepreneur and Project Manager, who encourages young IT professionals to focus on their passions as well as their careers.

Interviews and News: Good morning and thank you for taking the time to chat with us today.

Dan Sciscente: I appreciate the opportunity. It’s not every day an IT guy gets a chance to talk about music.


Early Exposure to Music Enforces Positive Life Skills, Says Garrett Hoelscher

Garrett Hoelscher

Music has always been a part of Garrett Hoelscher’s life. Even when he was a young boy, Hoelscher loved to bang on pots and pans. Then, when Garrett Hoelscher entered middle school, he had the opportunity to channel that desire into a structured and organized energy called school band. As a percussionist, this talented young man was responsible for keeping time and ensuring the proper rhythm for the rest of the band. Now in his mid-20s, Garrett Hoelscher believes that his future success in life will come in part due to the many benefits of that early exposure to the art of music.