Traveling to Nicaragua

Kyle Thomas Glasser

Kyle Thomas Glasser

When Kyle Thomas Glasser traveled Nicaragua, he did not have a slight idea of the impact that the trip would have on his medical career. He traveled there in May 2010 where he met people living a lifestyle that he had never seen in America. Kyle said that the trip changed his life as well as that of the people who needed medical assistance. This trip was advantageous to him because he was able to practice what he learnt in class while at the same time offering medical help to the needy. It was a surprise to find people who have never used modern medicine in their entire life.

He never thought that such a wide opening incidences still exists today. For Kyle, traveling to Nicaragua was an exciting experience because the trip added value to his aspirations to become a dedicated doctor. As a result he was able to know where his medical work lies in achieving his dream of serving others. You too have the chance of joining the group so that you can be included in the list of those who will be travelling next. If you ever thought that you are still young to offer help to other, you have not met Kyle yet.

At the age of 21 years, he is able to travel from one country to the other, just to make sure he changes everyone in his world. Another way of gaining experience in your medical career is by volunteering, even if you do not get any reward, the benefits are on your side. This is because you will get experience that no one else could have given it to you. This man- Kyle- has not completed his medical course, yet he can offer some medical help to the needy in Nicaragua. Why should that not be you?

Today, Kyle believes that such trips will help them in achieving his dream of becoming a successful medical doctor. In addition, he is at an advantage because he attends surgery rooms to see how doctors perform when he is in office. Currently, he is a senior person in the University of Georgia. This trip to Nicaragua motivated him to further his ability to help others, being determined, persistent and to have hope always.

The positive drives that he gained will help him complete his studies and become one of the most charismatic doctors in the world. One thing a doctor should know is that every patient has the right to receive treatment and that is not a privilege. Such are the values that Kyle Thomas Glasser treasures in his life!

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