What Makes Direct Media Power Different?

Direct Media Power

Direct Media Power

Chicago, Illinois-based Direct Media Power has placed $50 million in ads over the past five years. The company focuses on targeted results in a very specialized arena. Because of this, Direct Media Power has been able to amass a widespread contact base within the radio industry that helps set it apart from competitors. Today, Dean Tucci from Direct Media Power answers some of the most frequently asked questions about the company’s services.

Q: Does Direct Media Power charge clients for each second of airtime it places?

A: Unlike many in the industry, Direct Media Power sets customers up with an 800 line that is attached to that company’s current ad campaign. Through this, we’re able to determine how many calls an ad placement has generated and charge per call.

Q: Who pays for tracking those calls?

A: Direct Media Power foots the bill for tracking phone calls.

Q: Are those calls transferred to my phone number?

A: Yes. Those calls can be directed to your number during hours specified by you.

Q: How big is Direct Media Power ’s network of contacts in the industry?

A: Direct Media Power ’s current contact base is more than 2,000 radio stations around the country.

Q: How is Direct Media Power able to keep costs down?

A: A radio ad is considerably less expensive to produce than a TV ad. Also, ad space on an AM/FM radio station is less expensive per minute than space on a TV network.

Q: Will my radio ads be able to reach targeted demographics?

A: Yes–because so many radio stations are available in each market, Direct Media Power is able to directly target ads to specific audiences to which the product or service would appeal.

Q: How will I know I’ll see a ROI?

A: Direct Media Power is 100% confident each ad campaign will show a significant return on investment for its customers. However, if a customer isn’t satisfied, we offer a guarantee.

Q: How do I get started with Direct Media Power?

A: If you are interested in placing ads, visit our website at or call 1-888-302-5557. You’ll have a fifteen-minute consultation where we can assess your needs and let you know how we can help you. Depending on what you, the customer, want, Direct Media Power may set up an in-person meeting at our offices or yours. Our representatives will then follow up with a detailed proposal within 24 hours to let you know what we can do for you.

Dean Tucci says that Direct Media Power customers range from financial businesses to legal businesses, each of who regularly sees results from the ads placed through Direct Media Power.

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