Missions | United Faith Church in Barnegat, NJ

United Faith Church

The Call, the Crazy Ride, Signs, Wonders and Miracles: A Third-World Culture transformed for Christ by United Faith Church in Honduras. United Faith Church in Barnegat follows the biblical mandate to spread the gospel and to make disciples of all nations, tribes, and tongues. Therefore, United Faith Church has always made its international outreach program […]


Charles C. Brennan Discusses Donation to the Opportunity Village

Charles C. Brennan

Charles C. Brennan is a successful businessman who owns the Dollar Loan Center franchise that has become a popular part of communities in four separate states. But what many don’t realize about Charles C. Brennan is that he is also a philanthropist, having founded a center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, that helps troubled youth […]


Diet Fads and Trends in the Food Industry

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Fads diets are driven by emotions and typically concentrate on one product that is aggressively promoted. Their popularity spikes and then rapidly declines and dies out. Diet trends rise slowly and are driven by consumers’ needs. They incorporate a variety of foods that can be integrated into a lifestyle and sometimes become a standard go-to […]


Nationwide Relocation Services on How to Move With Your Vehicle

Nationwide Relocation Services

Moving a car to a new home can be a complicated and tiring process, says Nationwide Relocation Services. At Nationwide Relocation Services, the expert team of professional movers assists clients with a variety of tasks. Here, Nationwide Relocation Services offers a list of suggestions to make the move easier. Interviews and News: What’s the best […]


Phillip Elden Shares Memories of Hiking the Mountains with His Weimaraner


Outdoorsman Phillip Elden encourages all animal lovers to consider adopting their next pet, citing the life-changing experience that occurred when he and his wife found their beloved Weimaraner Jeff. Interviews and News: Why did you choose a Weimaraner as your family dog? Phillip Elden: Weimaraners are, in my humble opinion, the best breed of dogs. […]