C. Frederick Wehba Credits Family Values for Offering Him Personal and Professional Support

C. Frederick WehbaC. Frederick Wehba has traveled a long and winding road to the top of the real estate world. As a business entrepreneur and industry expert, C. Frederick Wehba counts on relationships with family and friends as a driving force in his career. Below, Interviews and News asks C. Frederick Wehba about the guiding principles that have most impacted his life both personally and professionally.

Interviews and News: Hello – welcome to our talk today!

C. Frederick Wehba: I’m grateful to be included and share my story with your readers.

Interviews and News: To begin with, where were you born?

C. Frederick Wehba: My birthplace is Crowell, Texas, where I attended school and worked in my father’s grocery store.

Interviews and News: How has this experience served you well in life?

C. Frederick Wehba: My father gave me a number of incredibly important lessons about retail business that remain valuable in my real estate career to this day.

Interviews and News: What do you remember as being the most prominent values in your father’s life?

C. Frederick Wehba: First of all, he believed wholeheartedly in the power of hard work and dedication during every single project or activity. His work ethic was impeccable.

Interviews and News: How did you use your free time as a young boy?

C. Frederick Wehba: In most cases, my classmates could find me at the grocery store scanning items and washing windows. My true passion, though, was music.

Interviews and News: Were you able to devote any energy to perfecting your craft?

C. Frederick Wehba: Oh, yes. In high school, many afternoons were spent practicing in the school choir or learning an instrument.

Interviews and News: Who can be credited with encouraging your efforts?

C. Frederick Wehba: Dr. Earl Hesse gave me confidence and belief when many others were unwilling to do so.

Interviews and News: What are some of Dr. Hesse’s accomplishments?

C. Frederick Wehba: Dr. Hesse has performed with some of the luminaries of the entertainment industry, including Ella Fitzgerald, Buddy Rich, Patti Page and Al Hirt.

Interviews and News: How specifically was Dr. Hesse such a notable influence on your life?

C. Frederick Wehba: His commitment to the craft proved to be both inspiring and encouraging.

Interviews and News: Were you eager to continue your musical education?

C. Frederick Wehba: I was. Dr. Hesse encouraged me to attend North Texas State University, which has always featured one of the greatest jazz programs in the country.

Interviews and News: Where did you go after completing your college studies?

C. Frederick Wehba: My next stop was Oklahoma City.

Interviews and News: What happened next?

C. Frederick Wehba: Using my father’s influence, I began purchasing a variety of smaller grocery stores that eventually turned an impressive profit.

Interviews and News: What was the most rewarding achievement of this time period?

C. Frederick Wehba: Opening a Superstore that earned the coveted “Store of the Year” award is definitely the highlight of my career in the grocery business.

Interviews and News: What did you do to attempt to top these remarkable results?

C. Frederick Wehba: After moving north to Denver, my responsibilities included serving as President and General Manager of a supermarket chain.

Interviews and News: When were you drawn to the real estate industry?

C. Frederick Wehba: Right around this time, I began dabbling in a few real estate projects. Now collaborating with my oldest son, C. Frederick Wehba II, and a few of our beloved family members, I’m living a dream that had once seemed impossible.

C. Frederick Wehba lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Susan.

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