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United Faith ChurchThe Call, the Crazy Ride, Signs, Wonders and Miracles: A Third-World Culture transformed for Christ by United Faith Church in Honduras.

United Faith Church in Barnegat follows the biblical mandate to spread the gospel and to make disciples of all nations, tribes, and tongues. Therefore, United Faith Church has always made its international outreach program one of its top priorities. Believing that the Holy Spirit transcends all language and cultural barriers, the church has effectively touched the lives of many individuals and families in its missions overseas, literally transforming the culture in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. This transformation has come through the result of intentional discipleship, along with providing the spiritual and physical needs of the disciples. It is through these beliefs that United Faith Church has been successful in accomplishing its international mission for more than ten years.

The Call

Pastor Janeth Santiago will never forget the day God called her to go to Honduras for the first time. She had not been to Honduras since the time of her youth and had no intentions of going back. All was well with her family, with her ministry, with her life. No need to go overseas to a third-world nation. “Lord, why? How? When? Where will I stay? What will I do?” God’s only response was “Go!”, and so Pastor Janeth Santiago put her trust and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ to lead her step by step. She gathered a team of her youth group members and began the adventure to Latin America.

The Crazy Ride

Rarely do you hear of a group of young Americans choosing to travel to such a poverty-stricken, dangerous nation like Honduras. This country in Latin America has gained the unwanted title of ‘murder capital of the world,’ and the corruption and crime runs deep.  The Lord called Pastor Janeth Santiago to one of the worst areas of this nation known as Nueva Suyapa. This mountain that was once a landfill had become an area filled with gang violence, drug and alcohol addiction, malnourished children, and despair. It was here that Pastor Janeth Santiago and her youth group were called to pray for an elderly woman who was deathly ill with a fever. The Lord did a miracle in that moment and completely healed the elderly woman! She was so grateful that she donated her property next door, a small plot of land, to Pastor Janeth Santiago. It was on this humble piece of land that a new church would be born!

Church on a Hill

The following summer, the Lord once again called Pastor Janeth Santiago to go to Honduras. This time, Pastor Janeth Santiago and the team that accompanied her would begin the foundation of what is now known as “Iglesia Fe Unida,” the daughter church of United Faith Church in Barnegat. Little by little, the foundational rocks along the mountainside were laid, the people were gathered, the word of God was brought forth, leaders were appointed, and United Faith Church of Honduras was firmly established.
Signs, Wonders, and Miracles

The Lord was faithful to bless His people at United Faith Church in Honduras. Countless signs, wonders, and miracles have been witnessed and experienced by all those who had the opportunity to travel to United Faith Church of Honduras over the years, and by the men, women, and children of Honduras. Pastor Jerry and Pastor Janeth Santiago, along with their family and members of United Faith Church in Barnegat reminisce of the incredible healings, deliverances, and transformations they had witnessed over the years while ministering in Honduras. Truly, the hearts of United Faith Church members here in the United States are tightly knit to the hearts of their brothers and sisters in Honduras through the love of Jesus Christ. To this day, frequent visits are made to Honduras by Pastor Jerry and Pastor Janeth Santiago, as well as members of United Faith Church, and the signs, wonders, and miracles continue to increase in power.

Transforming the Culture

United Faith Church in Barnegat believes that the only way to transform a culture is to lay the foundation of the Lord Jesus Christ. Through the discipleship process, the members of United Faith Church in Honduras are being regenerated, transformed, and equipped in order to make new disciples for Christ. In this process, United Faith Church in Barnegat has continued to expand its ministries in Honduras to include funding college education for the young adults, instituting small businesses for self-employment opportunities, and supporting over 50 families with food and basic needs. Over 140 children at United Faith Church in Honduras receive support for their needs that may include medical assistance, clothing, vouchers for transportation, uniforms, supplies or school equipment.  United Faith Church runs a program for young children who are cared for, fed, and instructed in the word of God three times a week. United Faith Church in Barnegat also supports many pastors and families in other areas of Honduras.

What was considered unheard of and countercultural in this area of Honduras is now becoming the standard for the members of United Faith Church in Honduras. They now know that in Christ they are free from the bondage of extreme poverty, gang life, broken families, and a future without hope. United Faith Church in Barnegat celebrates along with its daughter church in Honduras the weddings, jobs, and college degrees, as well as the abundance, joy, and restoration of families that has occurred at this church.

Channels of Blessing

As United Faith Church in Barnegat continues to bless United Faith Church of Honduras, the body of Christ becomes an amazing channel of blessing, like a mighty river of living water. The people of Honduras who were once broken, that were ministered to, loved, and provided for by Pastor Jerry and Pastor Janeth Santiago, are now serving as powerful leaders of United Faith Church in Honduras. Each one has a story… one young woman, who was once a victim of gang violence, now serves as worship leader and children’s church teacher. Another young man who was living on the streets is now a college graduate, successfully employed, and serving as worship leader. Another single mother who had suffered a stroke after losing her baby to cancer, came to United Faith Church of Honduras, and is now serving as a leader in the church and community, joyfully preaching the Gospel and running her own successful business. These transformed lives are now bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to other poverty-stricken areas of Honduras. God has been so gracious, and His hand continues to pour out blessings that members of United Faith Church, both in Barnegat and in Honduras, cannot contain!

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