Marketers LLC Q & A: Direct Mail Marketing

Over the years, the team at Marketers LLC has seen many companies take a do-it-yourself approach to direct mailings. While that can save money, Marketers LLC cautions that in doing so, businesses may be doing themselves a great disservice. To emphasize the value of a direct mail marketing service, Marketers LLC answers a few questions about the benefits of using one of these services.

Q: With so much attention being paid to online marketing, is direct mail marketing still relevant?

Marketers LLC: Even in today’s internet-based world, direct mail marketing can still be very effective if done properly.

Q: Can’t I just send my mailing to everyone in a certain geographic area?

Marketers LLC: Many businesses choose this route, but the results are usually disappointing.

Q: Why is that?

Marketers LLC: The first thing you’ll likely see is a large number of returned mailings.

Q: And the next?

Marketers LLC: An overall lack of response.

Q: Can you explain why that happens?

Marketers LLC: With an untargeted campaign, you may send thousands of mailers out and get a few responses.

Q: What is the alternative to an untargeted campaign?

Marketers LLC: A direct mail marketing service will provide a targeted mailing list.

Q: How is this accomplished?

Marketers LLC: Direct mail companies have large numbers of resources at their disposal.

Q: So if I run a beauty salon, my mailings will be sent to customers who patronize local beauty salons?

Marketers LLC: Not only that, but those customers will also fall within a certain demographic and be within so many miles of your business.

Q: What about the actual content of my mailer? Can a direct mail marketing service help with that?

Marketers LLC: Definitely. Using the information gathered in research, a direct mail service can help you create mailers that reach those customers.

Q: What about printing?

Marketers LLC: Direct mail services can help with that, as well. Many of these services have relationships with printers who can ensure your project is the best it can be.

Q: Is there a way I can include a call to action in my mailings?

Marketers LLC: Absolutely! There are several ways. One way is to include a reply card.

Q: What should the reply card say?

Marketers LLC: It might simply be a request for more information or even a request to subscribe to your online newsletter.

Q: Couldn’t the customer just call for that information?

Marketers LLC: Yes, but some customers are reluctant to pick up that phone and call, so this can be a big help.

Q: Is there a way to get my customers to open my mailers before tossing them?

Marketers LLC: This is especially important in today’s busy world. We recommend customers post attention-grabbing information on the envelope itself.

Q: How would I go about researching local interests?

Marketers LLC: One way is by conducting a survey and basing your campaign on those results.

Marketers LLC provides direct mail marketing services to its customers. In addition to its traditional marketing assistance, Marketers LLC also helps businesses maximize website effectiveness.


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