Michael Courouleau Interview

Michael Courouleau

There are many hazards associated with post-hurricane or post-flood cleanup. Today, Interviews and News talks to safety and environmental specialist Michael Courouleau about some of the dangers to watch out for. Interviews and News: Michael Courouleau, thanks so much for meeting with us today… Michael Courouleau: Sure thing, happy to be of help! Interviews and News: […]


Chef Jeffrey Nimer Explains Haute Chefs LA’s Menu of Services

Jeffrey Nimer

Chef Jeffrey Nimer of Haute Chefs Los Angeles has been tempting taste buds for over a decade. As the founder of Haute Chefs, he brings his passion to social events, entertainment sets, and even home with private cooking classes. Here, Jeffrey Nimer offers some insight into how the company works. Interviews & News: What is […]


Rich Von Alvensleben Journeys from Blue Collar Family to Marketing Guru

Rich Von Alvensleben

Rich Von Alvensleben has been a self-made success story in marketing for more than ten years, working his way up through hard work and sheer determination. Born to a blue collar family, Rich Von Alvensleben learned the value of following his dreams. While watching his father work as a fireman and his mom serve as […]


Donald Leon Farrow Discusses Indoor vs. Outdoor Photography

Donald Leon Farrow

When Donald Leon Farrow is not working as a nurse anesthetist, he enjoys studying and practicing photography. Recently Donald Leon Farrow shared with Interviews and News his thoughts on indoor photography vs. outdoor photography and the lessons he’s learned about adjusting for the differences in lighting. Interviews and News: What is it about photography that […]


St. Louis Artist Bert VanderMark Visits Mercy Ministries

Mercy Ministries

Bert VanderMark: Wherever the oil pastel is your paint will not stick. Now you can have a lot of fun with that because you could draw all kinds of patterns with oil pastels.

Sarah: Hi I’m Sarah and I’m painting the silhouette of a mother’s belly. And I’m going to put a heart in each the belly and the mother’s heart and just kind of how Christ has made a way for me and my child to have the heart of Christ.

Ashley: I’m doing three crosses with hope, love, and faith. And then I’m writing out verses like “I am beautiful” “I am wonderful” and “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Beth: Hi my name is Beth and today Bert VanderMark came and worked with us on our art. And it meant a lot to me today because I was able to really just put into a painting what the Lord has been doing in my life and how He’s been pouring His spirit out upon my life. So my painting represents Jeremiah 1 where the Lord put His Words in my mouth and anointed me to do His good work. Thank you Bert.