Rich Von Alvensleben Journeys from Blue Collar Family to Marketing Guru

Rich Von Alvensleben

Rich Von Alvensleben

Rich Von Alvensleben has been a self-made success story in marketing for more than ten years, working his way up through hard work and sheer determination. Born to a blue collar family, Rich Von Alvensleben learned the value of following his dreams. While watching his father work as a fireman and his mom serve as a bookkeeper, Rich Von Alvensleben was always told that by working hard and putting money away for the future, a person could someday retire comfortably and enjoy his or her golden years.

However, as Rich Von Alvensleben got older, he began to realize what he’d always believed wasn’t necessarily the truth. Rich Von Alvensleben ’s parents worked hard all their lives and saved money, yet when they reached retirement, they didn’t seem to be living the high life. They weren’t traveling and doing all the things they’d always dreamed of doing, Rich Von Alvensleben recalls, and it bothered him. So Von Alvensleben earned his high school diploma and searched for what he’d do next.

Without a college degree, Rich Von Alvensleben began a career as a tradesman. He worked with heavy equipment, but over time realized he didn’t have the upward mobility he’d always wanted with that career choice. Rich Von Alvensleben found himself working in an unpredictable industry that would require long hours in the summer, with months of downtime in the winter when he wasn’t earning any money. So each winter, Rich Von Alvensleben began to reevaluate his career choices.

As the 1980s came to an end, Rich Von Alvensleben began searching for a way to expand his career opportunities. He wanted to find a way to save money for his future while providing for his family in the present. He entered sales and marketing—a career that would give him the ability to do the things he’d always dreamed of doing.

Alongside his wife, Tiffani, Rich Von Alvensleben built a record setting sales team. The combined efforts of this team resulted in annual revenue exceeding $100 million in sales. Through this experience, Rich Von Alvensleben learned how a truly motivated team could work together to make things happen. Through their collective efforts, Rich Von Alvensleben and his team were able to accomplish things that they wouldn’t have been able to accomplish otherwise.

Rich Von Alvensleben turned a degree in marine technology into a 20-year career that includes sales, marketing, drilling, and property acquisition and renovation. Marketing and sales is his passion, helping Rich Von Alvensleben develop an in-depth knowledge of his industry and the area in which he lives to help others.

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