Lindsay Rosenwald Discusses Advancements in Ovarian Cancer Treatment

Lindsay Rosenwald

As an accomplished veteran of the biotechnology and life science fields, Lindsay Rosenwald has led the development of several biotechnology companies. Lindsay Rosenwald takes a particular interest in medical treatments related to ovarian cancer. Below, Lindsay Rosenwald describes the most recent advancements and previews how medical professionals will address this disease in the future. Interviews […]


Dennis Wong on Breaking the Cycle


YOR Health founder Dennis Wong explains why opportunities with YOR Health allow families to break the cycle of fear over economic uncertainty. “Where are you in life?” This question, while seemingly innocent, brings most to a deeper awareness of themselves, even if they don’t want to admit it. In today’s economic climate, most people are […]


Integrity Spas Reviews Spas With Ozonators


Integrity Spas, based in the Kansas City suburb of Leawood, Kan., is always on the cutting edge of spa technology. Through the years, the staff of trained professionals has studied all the popular methods to keep spas in tip-top shape. Integrity Spas urges clients to take advantage of the ozonator, a built-in feature to all […]


YORHealth Testimonial: Sheel Patel, Edgewater, MD United States


Founded in 2008, YORHealth is a nutrition and wellness company serving up a variety of premium-quality health products created with the highest standards of scientific integrity. Keeping the company mission of spreading health and happiness in the forefront of everything they do, YORHealth has helped customers gain muscle, increase energy levels, lose weight, and improve […]


Tips for Traveling with a Pet from Veterinarian Charles L. Starr III

Charles L. Starr III

If your vacation this year includes the family pet, here are some things veterinarian Charles L. Starr III wants you to know. To begin, Charles L. Starr III suggests making an appointment with your vet. If you’re crossing state lines, you may need a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection. “It’s a health certificate signed by a […]