Simple Aches and Pains that Aren’t so Simple


For the most part, mild to moderate pain and discomfort are temporary and can be ignored or relieved with self-care. However, there are times when that uneasy feeling could mean something serious. Sudden numbness in the limbs, facial weakness, severe headache and a feeling of confusion may sound like a good excuse to take a […]


Berni Fried Explains Why Guilt is the Most Prevalent Emotion Among Her Clients

Berni Fried

Berni Fried has witnessed a number of clients who have jeopardized their recovery efforts by participating in negative thoughts and actions. Here, Berni Fried explains how to embrace the power of positive thinking in order to fend off the temptations of drug and alcohol abuse. Interviews and News: We’re thrilled that you could join us […]


Sophia Wong of YOR Health Previews New Book Giveaway


Sophia Wong of YOR Health is proud to unveil the featured keynote speaker for the 2014 YOR Health Annual Conference. Held in Miami, Florida, this popular event allows team members to relax in a comfortable setting while sharing their inspiring tales of triumph, says Sophia Wong of YOR Health. In this conversation with Interviews and […]


Medical Industry Projecting a Massive Physician Shortage by 2020


The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) indicates that the U.S. may face an extreme shortage of physicians by the year 2020, with the shortfall estimated at nearly 90,000 physicians. The number is expected to grow to more than 130,000 physicians by 2025. This shortage affects primary-care facilities as well as medical specialties like oncology, […]


Kelley D. Hamilton of Bonaventure Senior Living: Yoga Isn’t Just for Hipsters

Kelley D. Hamilton Bonaventure

Yoga is a way of life for some and a way to stretch it just a bit further for others, says Kelley D. Hamilton, Bonaventure Senior Living CEO. Kelley D. Hamilton of Bonaventure Senior Living says the senior population is increasing rapidly because they are a generation unafraid to pay attention to their health. According […]